Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Cheap Organizing Ideas

I love organizing.  And I'm excited to help others organize their spaces.  It's my favorite thing to do.  If I'm stressed, I organize.  If I'm happy, I organize.  I love it!

I got to thinking that oftentimes organizing ideas that are shared on social media are very pricey.  They're often the newest, best things that are not exactly affordable.  I wanted to encourage you today and say that organizing your home can be done very affordably.  

I have some drawer organizer ideas for you today that are super cheap.  You've just got to repurpose things you likely already buy to organizer your drawers.  I love to keep the boxes or box lids from the following things to use as drawer organizers in my kitchen, bathrooms, desk drawers and more.

stationery boxes

stationery box lids

jewelry boxes (the kind that are on display at TJ Maxx)

sturdy shoe box lids - kid shoe box lids are a great size

wooden trays from Melissa & Doug toys 

2 for $1 plastic bins

Here's a little tour around my kitchen drawers:

Real life: I didn't reorganize them for you.  The systems work pretty well, but each drawer isn't quite magazine worthy.  That's okay.  They function great!

Kate Spade stationery box holds kid spoons.

Stationery boxes hold medicine spoons.  Jewelry box and lid holds pacis.  Shoe box lids hold straws and throw away silverware.

Wooden tray holds chip clips and junk haha.  Do you have a junk drawer in your kitchen?

Stationery boxes hold food picks and cookie cutters for school lunches.  2 for $1 plastic bins hold measuring spoons and appetizer forks.  I think these came from Walmart, but you could find them at Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart, etc.

Do you have any drawers that could benefit from some cheap organizing solutions?


  1. Great idea!! I have a million little containers that would work. I can't believe I never thought to just take the tops off these little boxes. I've used empty Rx pill bottles to organize push pins, paper clips, rubber bands, twist ties. Love it!

  2. This is a great post! It has never occurred to me to use those sturdy little boxes or lids. Being without a kitchen for four years and now having one again, I am having to relearn how I like things organized. I am going to take your tips are use them! Also, could you do a bathroom organizing edition? :) organizing is not something that comes naturally to me!

  3. I love the cheap bins from the Dollar Tree. I use those in my deep freeze to organize meat and veggies that I bought in bulk and repackaged.


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