Friday, September 4, 2020

Friday Faves: School Edition

Happy Friday!  Hope you've had a nice week.  We're starting to hit our stride with Olive being back to school.  She's continuing to go every other day (which is not enough for her taste), but we are very thankful she's getting the opportunity to go to school.  I'm having fun being home with the boys and figuring out a rhythm to our days.  

Life feels really school focused right now trying to doing PreK at home with Fletcher, keeping track of the work Olive needs to do at home on her home school days and just trying to juggle it all.  Some days I feel like a superstar mom and other days I am short tempered and snappy at my crew.  I'm confident that we'll get things figure out and find a good rhythm soon.

The best parts of our school week:

We've been going on sunset walks as often as we can.  It's been such a nice way to relax, wrap up our days, get some exercise and enjoy the lovely weather.  I look forward to it every evening.  Fletcher picks up sticks, we watch the deer, wave hello to our neighbors and enjoy the pretty cotton candy cloud sunsets.  I've also snuck out for some solo bike rides that have been lovely.

I really enjoy packing lunches for the kids.  Sure it takes time and planning, but the thought of them opening a delicious lunch full of all their favorite things is the perfect way for me to send them a big HUG FROM HOME in the middle of their day.  I do the same for my husband although his request of a PBJ & fruit or veggie is not nearly as fun as packing a Yumbox.  

I started a new hashtag to organize my school lunch ideas on instagram - #polkadottyplaceyumbox - check it out if you need some lunch ideas for your kids.

We met friends at the park twice this week.  It felt so normal.  So nice.  So wonderful to have adult conversation and let the kids play.  I'd highly recommend making plans to get out and about again.

We've got the kids all set up to do school at home in our bonus room.  They each have a desk and a spot to work.  It's been so fun to see them learning new things and get a chance to be their teacher.  We've been going on walks, playing outside and doing fun things together as much as possible.

Lots of baby snuggles, cuddles and love.  Leo is still stuck in the 4 month sleep regression and struggling with sleep.  He's cat napping instead of real napping and then wide awake late into the night.  I try to get lots done every night after the kids go to bed so it's been funny to have a side kick during that time.  Here's to hoping all this rolling and moving will help wear him out and he'll start sleeping better soon.  We assembled his high chair.  He adores sitting up high with everyone else.  The kids built a Picasso Tile fort to try to contain him.  And Leo loves grabbing faces.  He pinches and grabs and just wants to eat up everything.

I'm excited for a 3 day weekend!  See you back here on Tuesday.  Hope you have fun with your favorite people this weekend.

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  1. I'm glad y'all are settling into a school routine. I hope Leo starts sleeping more, although he's so cute I wouldn't mind being up at night. :) Have a good Labor day weekend.

  2. So glad school is going well! Any word on when O & F will be back full time? That pic of Fletcher doing school work is so cute! Have a great 3 day weekend, I had totally forgotten it was Labor Day weekend! Ack!

  3. So fun! Do you have a link to the letter chart with the bear?

    1. Yes - It;s called the Amazing Action Alphabet and it's wonderful

  4. Bless your heart - an every other day school schedule would make it so had to get into any kind of routine! I know you're making the best of it, but I'm sure that adds a wrinkle into your normal school year life. That picture of Olive and Fletcher in their baseball hats is so cute! All three of them are just so precious. <3

  5. Fun week! Love the school pictures! You always make the best lunches!


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