Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Heart Waffles

I got a heart shaped waffle maker for Christmas and I'm in LOVE!

It makes two separate heart waffles at a time.

They're the perfect size.

It has been such a fun, festive way to spice up our breakfast for dinner routine just in time for Valentine's Day.  V-Day is just one month away from today!  I've seen a variety of heart waffle makers, but I'm partial to the two heart one.  Waffle making go a little faster two at a time and then everyone gets to eat their own heart waffle.

Our favorite pancake mix:
Light & Fluffy pancakes (just add water)

light maple syrup
chocolate chips
powdered sugar
*Tip: Add the chocolate chips or sprinkles to the batter before you cook the waffle.  That way they'll cook inside of the waffle not just on top.

I always make scrambled eggs, bacon and serve these yummy waffles for dinner.  They even reheat well leftover.

I own a few different waffle makers and this heart one is the best out of the bunch.  It cleans up so easily, fills perfectly without spilling over (you just fill the bottom heart full of pancake batter and close the lid) and the waffles are such a great size.

Close up for my Holstein Heart Waffle Maker:

You just fill up the bottom heart and it makes a no mess waffle.  The batter doesn't run over or spill into the other heart.  It's wonderful!

My (affiliate) links to heart waffle makers:
Mine is the first red, double heart waffle maker for $24,99 that we LOVE.


  1. That’s adorable! I can only imagine all the fun ideas you have up your sleeve for Valentine’s Day with that waffle maker. Can’t wait to see!

  2. That's awesome! I got a new one too but it is just plain old circles....yours is much cuter! I have been loving making and freezing my waffles ahead of time and then just popping them in the toaster for breakfast!!! What a time saver everyday! ENJOY!!!!

  3. Love these! My kiddos would think these are so fun!
    I might get the mini heart one since I loved the mini pumpkin waffle maker so much!


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