Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Sharing Our Joy for #3

We have had the best time sharing our joy about Baby #3 with family and friends. 

I've always documented our announcements (Baby #1 and Baby #2) so I'm doing my best to keep up the trend for Baby #3. 

Kevin & I found out together.  We've never looked at the pregnancy tests together so that was an exciting thing to do late one night.  It was hard to go to sleep after getting news like that.

We had a fun date night already planned the following evening.  We got to celebrate!

I baked some 3 sugar cookies for my kids and my family.

We let Olive pick where we went to dinner and she picked Hibachi. 

I put together a fun surprise package for the kids to give to them after dinner.  It was waiting for them when we got home.  I included big sis/big brother books, 3 sign, framed ultrasound picture, a 3 Musketeer bar, baby dolls, bottles and a lime since that was the size of the baby last week.

We took the clues out one at a time.  The kids were excited to figure out the clues.

We gave them all the clues and then had to spell the news out for them.  They were excited, but also a little confused.  They just wanted to play with their babies.  A little while later the news sank in and they kept saying they were excited to tell people our surprise.

Extended Family:
We headed down to visit our families last weekend and share the news.  We put Olive and Fletcher in charge of telling everyone.  Most people were shocked which made it a really fun big surprise to share!

We told my parents who were excited for grandbaby #10.
We told Kevin's parents who were excited for grandbaby #7.
Our siblings were really happy for us.
And all the little cousins were thrilled for another cousin.

Social media:
We took some pumpkin pictures with 3 pumpkins a couple of weeks ago.  They turned out perfect for baby announcements.  The kids had no clue what we were doing and were just happy to be picking out pumpkins.

Thanks for sharing in our joy!!!


  1. Congratulations! You found the best ways to tell everyone. :)

  2. Whitney!!! Of course- the way you told the kiddos and your families is just the BEST! Those sugar cookies are adorable and look absolutely delicious!!
    And how perfect they had a pair of girl and boy babies for Olive and Fletcher! I love the idea of using all those little clues for them too! I have been thinking of you all week and I am just SO SO happy for you!!!

  3. I’ll have to go back and read you’re other posts too - this one was so fun. You mustn’t be riding on cloud nine! SO EXCITING!!!

  4. All the wonderful baby dream days ahead!!!!

  5. So happy for all of you. You are such a great Mom that God decided to bless you with one more!!!


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