Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Little Brother or Little Sister???

We are excited to announce that Baby #3 is a BOY!!

What a fun surprise!

Olive was hoping for a sister.

Fletcher was hoping for a brother.  He kept telling people he was going to kick a girl out of the house.

I was confused.

Kevin was leaning towards a boy.

Everything about this third pregnancy has been different.  I couldn't line up much of anything with my other two pregnancies.  With both Olive and Fletcher, I knew their genders before the doctors told me.  This time, if I had to guess, I would have said girl.  I was wrong - ha!

We did blood work at one of my appointments and they casually said, "You can call the office in a couple of weeks to find out the gender and then a little later the genetic testing results will be in."  I'd never done gender blood work with Olive or Fletcher.  I wasn't monitoring it all that closely, but Kevin was.  He kept bugging me to call in and check to see if the results were in.  He was dying to know.  I think I wanted to have a similar experience as with O & F and find out at our ultrasound appointment.  Kevin won out and I called to find out the gender.

The sweet office lady said my results were in and "You are having a BOY!"

I wish I'd have video footage of my reaction because I was SO surprised.  I guess that's been the theme of this pregnancy so far... sweet surprise!  I said something about being so surprised and that we were excited.  We really had no preferences for our bonus baby.

I had to tell a little white lie to Kevin on the day I called.  He texted midday to see if the results were in and I said they were not.  I hurried and baked up a surprise for him when he got home.  We weren't telling the kids just yet.  I made his favorite homemade cinnamon rolls and drizzled one with blue icing.  He was surprised that I knew and loved finding out this way.

We had our gender ultrasound appointment last Friday.  Kevin rearranged his morning so he could come along.  As luck would have it, the doctor was running way behind, the baby did not cooperate for the ultrasound and my doctor was confident in the blood results.  A little anticlimactic :)  Off to buy the boy stuff to announce it's a boy to the kids!

We waited until we were all home together to share the news.  We went outside to do some confetti canons for the kids.  They were really excited.

Olive was a tiny bit sad she didn't see pink confetti.  Then she spent the rest of the weekend making birthday cards for little brother, making me a list of all the things she'd be able to help me with for the baby and said she'd love to share a room with the baby.  She's already a great big sister, but it'll be fun to see her with a tiny baby again.

Fletcher wasn't quite sure what all the blue was about so we had to explain that blue = little brother.  He kept cheering OH YEAH!!!

Everyone was excited and talking about names, baby boy details and all the things little boy.  It was fun to come up with a sweet surprise for the kids.  We facetimed and called family over the weekend to tell them.

These confetti canons were so cool!  There was tons of confetti and they were just $4.99 for two at Hobby Lobby.  You buy the gender you need.  You can also use the 40% off coupon.  We would highly recommend them.  

You'll have to leave your favorite boy names in the comments because boy names are hard for me!  What boy name would go well with Olive & Fletcher??


  1. Congratulations on Baby Boy!! I have four sons and one daughter, so I get the boy thing! I always said if I needed another boy name (we already have Quinn, Jensen, Findley and Barrett) that it would definitely be Thatcher!

  2. Congratulations Whitney!!!!!!!! I LOVE the name Tyler, but my husband doesn't like it, hahaha.

  3. Yay for another boy!! Boy names are hard. I think Charles would fit nicely or Alex.

  4. OMG!!! A BOY!!!
    So so so fun!! And I love that you were so surprised!!! I thought Marshall might be a girl! Brothers are the best!! And Olive is just going to be the BEST big sis to her brothers!!!💛💛💛

  5. My favorite boy names (our sons!) are Caleb and Seth. How do you feel about those? :-)

  6. Congratulations!!! Havalah has a list of names in her writing journal - we’ll text you some when we get home :)
    (BTW- Lynne (comment above) is my husband’s cousins wife!)

  7. Whitney, I thought of another name (beside's my sons' names- LOL). How about Fisher? Seems like it goes well with Fletcher...

  8. Aw I love the way you chose to surprise Kevin! I'm so happy for you all and love these photos!

  9. Oh Fletcher! Lol! And totally okay to tell a little white lie in the name of surprising him with a treat!! Those confetti cannons are so neat. We recently did those for my brother & sis in law. I’ll be thinking of a boy name and let you know if I come up with anything.

  10. Congratulations on another boy! Aren't boys just sooooo much fun?!?! Olive will be such a big help! Jack was almost named Elliott Reed so I've always been partial to that name. Another name I love is Baylor. Y'all could name him after one of the Irish football players like Brock or Houston.

  11. Congrats! I wish you and baby all the best. Some names I like are Drew, Logan, Blake, Isaiah, and Asher.


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