Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Adventures in Apple Picking

We finally made it up to the apple orchard over the weekend.

We've been wanting to go for weeks, but the weather has not cooperated.  It's still so hot in the Midwest.  We decided we had to make it work Sunday even though the weather wasn't ideal.  We went to church, ate a quick lunch at home and then headed about 20 minute north to our favorite orchard - Ditzler Orchard.  We pick strawberries and apples here several times a year.

It rained all morning, stopped around lunch time and then started raining about ten minutes before we got to the orchard.  We were committed and forged ahead with umbrellas in hand.  We got two big apple picking baskets and headed in the direction of the Golden Delicious.

Usually we have a couple apple options, but the heat and lack of rain have been hard on the apple crop this year.  We all picked and sampled apples.  They were really delicious.  Olive was our quality control and she did a great job.  We left with a gallon of apple cider, two big baskets of Golden Delicious apples and fudge.  I'm hoping to get an apple pie made sometime this week.

Have you been apple picking with your family this Fall??

We'd highly recommend it because it's fun, quick and easy for kids and adults to pick.


  1. We love apple picking. We hope to go next week on Fall Break!

  2. Would you believe that I live here in the country in Texas and there are no apple picking farms around us?! So wild! I’ve been wanting to do this for forever. Despite the weather it looks like y’all still had a good time!

  3. We went a few weeks back. I was surprised at how many of the trees had already been picked over. But we got some great apples for baking and other fun things!


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