Wednesday, September 19, 2018

There's Nothing Better Than...

I've been thinking lately about the things that make my day!

Little things that all add up to smiles and feel good moments.

In my opinion, there's nothing better than...

1. My kids sleeping in on Saturday morning
2. Chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven
3. Sunglasses that fit your big head
4. Finding exactly what you're looking for at TJ Maxx
5. Clean sheets preferably floral sheets
6. A really great, dependable babysitter that your kids love
7. Beautiful handwriting
8. A garden full of flowers
9. An organized home
10. Chatting with friends
11. Watching your kids genuinely enjoy being together
12. Crossing everything off your to do list
13. Catching up on your shows after the kids go to bed
14. Living somewhere long enough to bump into friends when you're out and about
15. Compliments from your husband
16. Establishing family traditions with your kids
17. Having someone else wash and style your hair
18. When your kids say you're the best at something.  I'm currently the best sandwich maker, foot rubber, story reader and cookie baker.  

How would you finish that statement??  There's nothing better than...

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  1. I totally agree with every one of yours! And unfortunately I ate too many warm chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven yesterday ;) I would also say kitty snuggles, fresh hot coffee, a day with no kid arguments, a text from a friend, and climbing into bed at night :D

  2. So many of these had me nodding my head. It's the small things that make each day good, which in turn make me feel like life in general is good.

  3. Whitney, this is such a great list! There is nothing better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning, waking before the rest of the world and accomplishing things before the sun rises, my kids laughing together and snuggling while they sleep, making connections, and great conversation!


  4. What a great roundup! I agree on the cookies, I buy the refrigerated dough and just cook a few for dessert sometimes. We all love it and it's so easy! And fresh sheets are just amazing :)

  5. There is nothing better than spending the day with my grandchildren! They call our outings field trips. We have a field trip planned this weekend to the pumpkin patch!

  6. I love this! It's so good to think about those things that bring you happiness!!

  7. I love this post! There's nothing better than snuggling with my kiddos watching cartoons!


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