Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Yard Makeover

We've lived in our house for 2.5 years and we've done a TON of work inside and out.  We have my dad to thank for projects like painting, cutting down trees, planting, new light fixtures, custom closets, moving doorways, woodwork and so much more.  Kevin worked hard on all kinds of yard projects, deck work, painting, refinishing floors, replacing our dishwasher, moving outlets, changing faucets, etc. 

We've all busted our butts to get work done outside.  Let's focus on that today and maybe I'll get around to take before an after pictures of the inside of the house this Fall.  Kevin's mom is really good with landscaping so she's helped us a ton.  Remember back in 2015 when she came down to Mississippi for the weekend and we did a complete backyard makeover??  I just loved that secret garden of a backyard!  My gardening skills have improved a ton and I can actually keep plants (inside and out) alive :)

Back to the present... we're really proud of how far the yard has come.  I wanted to do a tour and quickly snapped some pictures.  We still have big plans for the yard, but it's in pretty good shape to show you for now.

These are the listing pictures from when we bought the house.  The backyard was neglected and in sad shape.  Our house sits on a little over half an acre which means we are tackling the projects as we can instead of overhauling the whole yard at once.

Front Yard:
When we moved in we just had two overgrown bushes and a dead tree out front.  It was kind of nice to have a pretty blank slate and not having to remove a ton of old landscaping.  We've worked so hard making flower beds, removing/relocating stones, mulching, planting and adding some serious curb appeal to our house.  All the flowers are nearing the end of their pretty blooming seasons, but you get the idea.  Lots of new things!

We added flower pots on each side of the garage.  Hoping to swap these flowers out for mums soon.

I got some plaid chair cushions from Target for all the chairs.  They're so comfy!

We need to paint our big picnic table gray to match the little one.

This back corner of the yard needs our attention next.  The plan is to basically remove everything except the giant tree and then plant pretty shrubs to make a hedge.

Kevin and a friend added a second set of steps to our deck this summer.  It's so nice to be able to walk down either side.

I love how the paver patio turned out!  All of these pavers were buried in our yard in different spots.  I spent so many days digging up the stones and moving them to this spot.  It's taken a few months for the grass to grow in between.  The kids love playing here.

We got a truck load of mulch delivered this summer and mulched the whole backyard.

Kevin surprised me with this pair of Adirondack chairs.  He ordered kits online and built them for me.  We love sitting here and watching the kids play... more like sitting here while the kids yell COME PUSH US on the swings :)

My dad and brother built us a fire pit in the backyard from more stones we found buried in our yard.  Are you noticing a theme here??  Someone buried a TON of stones all around the yard long before we lived here.

The kids would say the best money we've spent in the backyard is on the swing set and circle swing.

We added a set of shutters to the garage window, mulched and added in some shade loving plants.  The garage could definitely use a good power wash.

 Added mulch around the trees in the very back.

Yard Project list moving forward:
1. Edge the entire driveway
2. Clear out the back corner of the yard
3. Cut down overgrown bushes
4. Plant a tree
5. Plant a hedge border in the backyard
6. Trim big trees
7. Add a natural stone pathway to the swing set
8. Add a bench or a bench swing
9. Fix spots in the deck where the boards aren't in good shape
10. Paint all deck doors white

Are you working on any yard projects right now?? 

It feels like it'll be easier when the weather cools off.  It's still been really hot in Indiana.


  1. Whitney, it looks amazing! What hard work you have all done. It definitely seems like you have found your forever home, I can see you guys enjoying that yard for years and years to come !

  2. I know that landscaping is so much hard work, especially moving all those stones around. What a difference you have made in that yard. You have really created a welcoming and fun space out there!

  3. Friend, you are such a fantastic homeowner. Often times people let the outside be neglected because it usually requires so much upkeep but you all have really made your backyard a bit like paradise.

  4. You guys have done an awesome job! It looks beautiful. I am loving all of those trees in your backyard. That's one thing our property lacks is good shade trees.

  5. Your yard looks so welcoming! I want to sit on your deck and drink sweet tea.

  6. Your yard is looking so pretty, Whitney! Wow!! We moved into our place two years ago too and Joe has been spending a ton of time and labor trying to improve ours as well. It's still not near picture worthy, but every task he does is improving it in some way. It's so much work, isn't it?! Love what you guys have done. :)

  7. Lovely and shaded yard! Looks great!


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