Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Protein Balls & Packed Lunches

I have a protein packed recipe and lots of lunch ideas to share with you today!

I've always wanted to give protein balls a try.  I probably have ten different recipes pinned waiting for me to make them.  I came across a super easy version on instagram that @victoriastrader shared back in January.  It looked really easy and really delicious.  I gathered the ingredients and only made a couple of changes to her recipe (more peanut butter and mini m&ms)

I've made them twice already.  I seriously had to HIDE them from my kids because they wanted more and more.  They're deserty, have lots of healthy ingredients and I love that they're bite sized.

I have made two different versions - one with mini m&ms and one without.  Both were delicious.  The m&ms upped the cute factor, so I'd suggest going with that version.

1 c quick cook oatmeal dry
3/4 c peanut butter (I always use Peter Pan PB)
1/2 c ground flax seed (Aldi has a really affordable option)
1/4 c chocolate chips
1/4 c mini m&ms
1/3 c honey
1 t vanilla

Combine all ingredients adding the chocolate in last.  Refrigerate about an hour.  Scoop out with a cookie scoop and roll into balls.  Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

Wouldn't these be delicious with dried cherries or craisins??


I've mentioned before that I really enjoy packing lunches.  Yes, it requires extra work at night and planning to make it happen, but I love doing it for my family.

I think of it as a MIDDAY HUG FROM HOME for both my daughter and my husband.

I know their favorite foods and make sure to go to the store frequently to ensure they have good lunches.  It makes me happy to know that they're eating something delicious.  And Olive regularly tells me how great her lunch was or how excited she was to see her favorite food in her lunch.

My biggest selling point for Yumboxes is this:
Every time I serve my kids lunches in their yumboxes - they practically lick them clean!  They really seem to eat better when their lunch is packed this way.  Win!!

Most ingredients are obvious so I'll just point out a few foods in each box.

Hummus, Almond Thins & fun shaped sandwiches

Banana Bread & peanut butter filled pretzels

Protein Cookie Ball

Fully cooked turkey sausage & turkey pepperoni

My husband's lunch - I put a note in the treat spot for him :)

I always send in a mini water bottle that I've already opened and resealed so she won't have any trouble opening it at lunch.  Then I'll add in a squeeze pouch from time to time.

Lunch making SUPPLIES:
We have a couple of yumboxes.  They are seriously THE BEST lunch boxes.  They hold a TON of food - plenty for my husband and my daughter.  They come in different sizes and set ups so figure out which one works best for you.  We've been using ours since school started in August.  They hold up so well, are easy for the kids to take care of and wash up great.  I can't recommend them enough.

Olive loves lots of little snacks so the Yumbox with more compartments works best for her. -->

Kevin loves sandwiches so this option works best for him. -->

I have my eye on this one for Fletcher.  Maybe for his Easter basket -->

I also love these reusable cupcake liners to put in the yumboxes -->

These slim freezer packs are my favorite.  They fit easily in a lunch box with the yumboxes -->

Now tell me what do your kids love in their lunchboxes???

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  1. They really are the best lunch boxes! We are on our second school year with ours and they are doing great!

  2. My kids need to be better veggie eaters than they are - your boxes are full of so much colorful food :) YUM!

  3. I LOVE protein balls. When I have made them, I feel like I couldn't stop eating them, too! Also, can you please make my lunches? Haha, they look so good!

  4. So many great ideas here!!! Love those little cupcake liners :)

  5. Olive eats so well. Connor... it's a battle to get new foods in his body but he does it alot of his favorites. Just don't ask him to try veggies.

  6. I used to make protein bites all of the time but really got away from it. I think I need to bring these back into our life asap. Thanks for the reminder and the recipe!

    1. Also, sorry for the typo... USE not used. UGH! I need sleep or coffee!

  7. Please come make me lunch, haha. I live in lunch rut and make the same things every day.


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