Wednesday, September 27, 2017

September Style & Nails

I have some fun outfits to share with you today.  I've been putting some extra effort into styling outfits lately and it's felt so good.  Trying just a little harder is definitely giving me a boost in confidence and having cute go to outfits has been good for me.  I'd gotten in a bit of a fashion rut wearing the same things over and over again.  It's fun to be fitting back into some clothes I haven't worn in a while and enjoying my clothes again.

My favorite late Summer looks:

I always find cute ones in the juniors department, swimsuit section or with the cardigans in department stores.  The sizing is always so STRANGE.  I have some that are mediums and some that are XL.  You've got to try them on in multiple sizes to pick which fit you prefer. I hate when they're tight in the shoulders/arms.

I picked up some vnecks tees from Old Navy last year and have worn them a ton.  I love the style and length.  I wish they held up a little better, but that's a lot to expect for a super inexpensive tee.  Do you have a favorite v neck tee to recommend??

Kimono - JCP

Kimono - TJ Maxx (NEW)

Florals & Stripes are my go tos right now.
Both of these tops are from GAP and are old.  The floral shirt hanging on my TJ cart is a new shirt.  It'll be so cute for Fall.

I bought this embroidered dress at Old Navy this Spring and wish I'd picked it up in another color.  I've worn it all summer - as a swim suit cover up and as a dress.

I shared about my new, Mint Standard dress a few weeks ago and it's still my favorite.  I wear it every week if not a couple times a week and just switch up the accessories.  I've wore it everywhere - boating with friends, grocery shopping, play dates, family gatherings and to a back to school party.

I'm excited to share a really cool nail polish with you today.

Have you heard of Color Street Nails??

My friend, Jessi, sent me a set to review for you and they are so much fun!

I'm wearing Charleston Blush.  A full set of a solid color is $11.

They're nail polish STRIPS - no more wet polish, no more drying time and you get really long lasting wear!  They're so easy to apply - you just need a wipe, the strips and a nail file.  And you just need finger nail polish remover to take them off.  They go on super easy like a sticker, are shiny like real polish and are thin on your nails so it looks like regular polish.  They last so much longer for me than traditional polish and are really affordable.

The only downside I could come up with is that if you don't finish the end of the nail off smoothly it will chip quicker than promised.  It doesn't take long at all to figure out the technique of applying them.  I applied mine with both of my kids running around watching me.  They were so much easier to do than regular nail polish.  Perfect for any busy lady!

I've been wearing this set for days and they look great.  I've done dishes, baths, crafts, cooked, cleaned and all of my usual activities.  I am impressed!

Currently the nail polish strips are Buy 3 Get 1 free for solids, prints & glitter and the french manicures are BOGO.  The new fall line of colors was just released last week and there are lots of fun Halloween prints.  

You can head over to Color Street Nails to check out their selection or go to Jessi's facebook page to watch some demo videos and learn more about the product.

What styles have you been loving this time of year??

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  1. Those Kimonos look so cute on you.
    Love the color of the nail strip.

  2. Love all your looks but the first one is my fav! So cute! The nail color is beautiful. I need to paint my nails or do something more often. :)

  3. You are so sweet! I can't wait to send you a fall one (fingers crossed Friday?!) and those nail stickers look awesome!! I need to get some. I'm the worst at letting things dry and a gel manicure just isn't in the budget!

  4. You look great in all your outfits! Can't wait to see your new floral top too. I'm in a top rut right now - I've been wearing the same two shirts over and over again. Even Henry noticed. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Ha!

  5. LOVE those kimonos on you friend. I really should wear mine more often. I don't think I wore it the whole summer season. Maybe I can sneak it in on one of these in between fall and summer days.

  6. I really love kimonos too but you're right you definitely have to try them on. I hate when they say one size fits all because guess what..they don't lol. You look so cute in all your looks and stripes are definitely your thing! :)

  7. I don't own a single kimono although I would love to! Maybe I'll add that to my birthday/Christmas wish list.

  8. I just heard about these nails. They look great!

  9. Adorable outfits! Stripes and floral are my go-to too! I will have to try a kimono, they are darling on you.

  10. You are looking FABULOUS my friend and I know exactly what you mean when you say "putting a little effort into your outfits is such a huge boost in confidence." I find I feel the same way! Just a little effort goes a LONG way in how I feel about myself and honestly has an effect on my day! My favorite outfit is the one in the first picture- love the gray t-shirt-, skinny jeans and flowy kimono- perfect combo!!!

  11. You look so cute and I love that nail color!
    SArah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  12. If you love the polish strips you should check out incoco. They are sold at Walmart and Ulta and online. They are only $7.99 for a pack.


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