Monday, September 18, 2017

Usborne LOVE

Have you ever purchased any Usborne books??  They are the nicest, educational books for kids!  My kids love them and they are some of the most read books in our house.

I'm excited to share 6 new Usborne books with you today!!

I'm teaming up with my blog friend Emily to tell you a little more about Usborne books.  In full disclosure, I was gifted these books in exchange for my honest feedback on them.  

My name is Emily Maduzia and I live with my husband, Matt, and our cat Daisy in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.  I grew up loving books and reading and always wanted to be a high school teacher.  After teaching for a few years, I am now working at the University of Illinois while finishing up my Master's in Health Communications.  Some of my other hobbies include cooking, singing at church, needlepoint, and cheering on the CUBS!  

Emily is offering my readers FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 that are ordered through her link for the month of September.  You won't believe how many amazing books there are.  They'd make the perfect birthday party gifts or if you're already starting your Christmas shopping keep them in mind.

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We loved reading this book to learn about gardens, flowers, seasons and trees.  It labels the parts, talks about the process and is a great science book for kids.  The book is full of great vocabulary.  This book would be great for any science unit on growing, plant vocabulary or seasons.  I loved this book because it introduces my 4 year old to some growing basics and as she gets older we can read all of the fine print together to help her learn more about how things grow.

My kids love the ocean and had so much fun flipping through this book.  They asked the names of the animals, we counted the fish, pointed out colors, used blocks to cover up certain animals (everything with a fin, white animals, animals with stripes, etc) and had a great time talking about all of the things that live in the sea.  It was fun to learn about chilly water creatures along with warm water ones.  This book is great because it gives little kids tons of things to spot and big kids tons of names to learn and creatures to check out.

This book is kind of like a current Where's Waldo?  So many things to spot and count on each page.  We had a lot of fun talking about all of the different scenes.  It's the perfect book to practice numbers, counting and identifying objects.  This book is best suited for older kids (4 and up) because the pages of the book are thin like a regular book not a board book.

This book is a MUST HAVE.  It was our #1 favorite of the bunch!!

 Each page has a question on top and then two pages FULL of pictures to talk about.  It asks a question that gets kids thinking and it is so much fun to talk through all of the options with your kids.  My daughter loves doing this book with me, but this book is the first one she picks up for independent reading, too.  She LOVES flipping through the pages and seeing all of her options for careers, people, friends, house furnishings, pets, weather and more.

This would be a great book to take along on a trip.  Kids LOVE looking at it again and again and the book reads differently every time since you can always change your answers.

We loved this pop up alphabet book.  The information on each page is really cute and it's a great way to interact with the letters.  Each page pops up and gives the kids a chance to trace the letters with their fingers.  The animals in the book are darling.  The pages are thick like a board book and really durable.  It's a very fun, interactive book.
*** This book has been so popular that it is back ordered until December!

My daughter has the best time with this book.  It makes her laugh and she can easily read it on her own.  While she can't read just yet, she happily flips through the flaps to make her own funny characters.  She gives them names, voices and thinks it's hilarious to muddle up the characters.  The book is more of a board book so it's very durable.  I like to read the story with her and we point out letters throughout.  We also practice describing out loud what each character looks like to work on colors, shapes and building her vocabulary.

I've shared The Very First Book of Things to Spot with you before.  Both are Usborne books.  The Spot book been Olive's favorite book to read in the car for about two years.  It's so cute.  Then my Mom got the kids Secrets of the Seashore for Christmas last year.  It's a really cute interactive flashlight book.

Hope you find some books you LOVE!!  Feel free to comment with any questions :)

Here's the link to Emily's Usborne Shop one more time:


  1. Those all look adorable! I'm new to Usborne, but Stephanie sent me one that we used as one of our Children's Book Club books this summer and it was awesome!

  2. They have some really great early childhood books. We are actually using a few of them with our Geography/ ecosystem curriculum this year and loving them. I wish I had found out about them years ago.

    1. I am so glad you are loving your Usborne Books! We really know how to do non-fiction, right??? Let me know if I can help you discover some more books your kids will love!

  3. They really are so beautiful, Kristen! Thanks for checking them out!

  4. Did you know I am a consultant Whitney? I just love their books so much I signed up so that I could forever grow C's library! You snagged some really great books.

  5. Being a consultant is absolutely THE BEST!!!!


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