Monday, September 11, 2017

10 Favorite Spots

I'm excited to share my 10 favorite spots around my house with you today.  I've never gotten around to photographing the whole house so you'll just have to enjoy the coziest spots with me today.

What are your favorite spots in your house??

Here are our favorite places in the house.  I didn't tidy up so here's some real life shots of our house :)

Our living spaces are so bright and cheery.  Fun fact: I knew walking into this room that this home would be perfect for our family.  I could just picture our kids growing up here.

We have great built ins in the play room and Fletcher's room.  We'd love to paint them white and update them a bit down the road.  These shelves are on my to do list - reorganize, tidy up and buy some striped bins to hold toys.  The project has stalled a bit because I don't want to pay big bucks for striped containers.

My succulents are doing great here!  Let's not talk about the 4 or so ferns I've killed.  Indoor plants are so tricky for me to keep alive.  Thank heavens for hearty succulents.

I've always wanted a kitchen with an island and now I have it.  We use it all day long.  It's full of my favorite kitchen appliances and holds so much stuff.

We have an abundance of closets and I'm so thankful for them.  They'll all been painted, updated and overhauled thanks to my Dad.

Kevin's aunt and uncle gave us the most beautiful bedroom set as a house warming gift and I just love it.  It's so pretty and is the perfect shade of bronze!

We were on the fence about when to install new carpet and I am SO THANKFUL we did it before we moved into the house.  My kids sit and play on the floor all day long.  It's really nice knowing the carpet is new and clean.  It's the best gray color.  It is dark enough to not show everything, is soft and I think it'll look great for years to come.  I'd highly recommend doing any flooring updates before you move into a new house.  We went through Lowes and were really happy.

I love this corner of my kitchen.  We display kid art, school papers and other kid related things about their kid table.  This is a high traffic area and it always makes me smile.  I picked up that You are My Sunshine sign on one of our road trips to the ocean.  It makes me thinking of the Mississippi coast every time I see it.

Our home was built in the 1950s and I love that we were able to save some of the original features.  This light was SO HARD to photograph.  It's huge (2ft across), art deco type style and is two lights in one.  It's perfect in our family room.  We have a couple of cedar closets, extra woodwork, bay windows, a few more original/vintage light fixtures that we love.

Our kids would say their favorite spots in the house are: Our backyard or the corner of our sectional that Olive lovingly calls her nest.  They love to snuggle there and watch tv.  We've had a great summer playing out in the yard.  It's really shady so it is nice to play in even when it's hot out.

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  1. My girls have ALWAYS loved the corner of the sectional too. So fun to see what you love about your house. I can't wait to recreate some of what I love and add some new additions, like an island in my kitchen too.

  2. My next house will have a kitchen island! :)

  3. I love the warm tones you have in your family room - it's beautiful and cozy at the same time. Those huge windows are awesome, too. I lived in a basement apartment for 4 years and I hope I never take natural light for granted again! :) I always love seeing little peeks into your home!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  4. I love your island and the kitchen windows! I've always wanted an area in my home where I could put succulents and herbs, and that's the perfect spot!

  5. I love this post and seeing a peek into your lovely home. I might have to do a post like this - it's a good way to look around for the good things and not all the projects, ha ha.

  6. I love that your windows let in so much natural light! And an island is on my wishlist for our next home!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  7. The natural light in your living room is great! And what a fun backyard for you kiddos.

  8. Just LOVE your bright, beautiful and welcoming home friend!!!! I especially love the colors in your living room!!!

  9. We have some pretty big closets in our home and I love it! Yay for natural light. I remember you talking about that when you were first buying the house!

  10. Thank you for sharing your home! I've been wanting to the see more of the inside since you all moved in. I love those windows, too, and I am one of those people that still love carpet so our home as new carpet as well.

  11. I love that you had a "this is it" moment too when you walked into your house! I love that kid space off the kitchen and islands are the best thing ever. I am trying to figure out how to find one more barstool for ours that matches. I love that backyard of yours too. Thanks for linking up and I loved peaking into your lovely home! xoxo ERIN

  12. Having new flooring/carpets installed makes it feel (and smell :) like new home. It's so wonderful to be in love with your home.

  13. Love this post!!! Your living room looks so cozy!!

  14. I love how you display your kids art work, cute and functional. You know I like all the pops of yellow in your living room! 😊

  15. I don't know if you have one nearby, but At Home has tons of cute storage containers. They have a lot of trendy styles and are definitely cheaper than most everywhere else.


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