Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What's in my Bag

I am a bag lady.

I have tons of cute bags to pick from and I am prepared for almost anything when I leave the house.

I've got snacks.

Come to me if you run out of diapers or wipes.

Toys - yep!

And I even have some surprising things inside.

Let me give you a tour of my BACKPACK.

I love a Kate Spade purse as much as the next person, but that's not very practical for me right now.  My backpack is the logical way to go.  It holds everything I need and keeps my hands free.  I save my Kate Spade bags for girl's nights and outings by myself.

I picked up this Mossimo backpack at Target this Spring.  It is the cutest chambray stripe pattern and has been wonderful to use.  There's one big pocket on the front, a zipper pouch, and a large backpack section with three sections.  You can organize everything really easily with this backpack.  It was around $20 and still looks great after using it daily for 7 months.

Front Zipper Pocket:
Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer and lotion.  I'm terrible about putting on hand lotion so I've been keeping it in my bag to apply during preschool car line.  Hopefully my hands will thank me.

Zipper Pouch:
Snack Zone.
Two of everything.
These are our favorites - granola bars, squeeze pouches, rice krispie treats, peppermints, pretzels, animal crackers and we love these Skip Hop reusable pouches for pretzels and goldfish.

Water for each kid in a ziploc bag so they don't sweat on my stuff.
Toys a little something for everyone
Hair stuff

Inside Pocket:
I think this is meant for a laptop, but it works great for all this stuff.
changing pad
keys always on a hook because I can't keep track of them otherwise
shopping bags for trash, dirty diapers, etc
emergency supplies

Make Up Pouch:
favorite lip sticks
oil control sheets
Bare Minerals powder
hair stuff
eye drops

What are your MUST HAVE items in your bag??

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  1. WOAH!!! I am seriously impressed. Your friends must love you for being so prepared Whitney. It is always nice to be prepared... or at least know someone who is :P.

  2. You ARE prepared!! That backpack is super cute, too! Is that lip Sense I spy? What color? What do you think of it? I've bought a few tubes and must be doing something wrong bc it doesn't last longer than an hour or two on me.

  3. I would say you are prepared for anything! What a cute backpack!

  4. You could survive a storm! Lol just kidding... maybe! Love the backpack and love to see what's in it!

  5. Love your organization and preparedness! I try to keep all the essentials for me in my purse, because you never know when you'll need something. Great tips for packing items for kids..saving for future reference! :)


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