Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Aldi Haul & Latest Faves

I have lots of new Aldi favorites to share with you this month!  I try to pick up several new products each time I shop so that I can expand my list of favorites.  I head to Aldi 1-2 times a month and stock up on the items that are a great deal that we LOVE.  I don't go every week because I can't get everything I need there.  My city is building a new Aldi on my side of town so I'm guessing I'll grow to love Aldi even more when it's just a couple of minutes away.

Did you hear that some Aldi's in bigger cities are offering grocery pick up service??  I'd love for that to come to my area some day.

Come see what I found at Aldi:

Diapers - $4.29 for 23 - great deal!  I think they run small so we size up.
Brown sugar - $0.99 - great!
PB Sandwich crackers - $2.29 - so good!  Great for snacks and lunches.
Cheese - we love it all and it's all about $1 cheaper per item than our usual stores.
Tortilla shells - love them all!
Black beans $0.59 - delish!
Turkey pepperoni - $2.19 - great for homemade pizza

Sweet and Salt Nut granola bars were on super sale this month for less than $2.  They were really tasty!  They aren't quite as good as the Nature Valley ones, but for a half price knock off option they are great.

 Yes to all the pasta!  Great deal and it all tastes great!  Although I've been warned about the Aldi mac and cheese being gross.

Apple Peach Squeeze pouches - $1.49 for FOUR!!  Fletcher loved them and I couldn't believe I got four pouches for that price.  Perfect on the go snack.
Fudge Mint Cookies - $0.95 - Sorry, Girl Scouts.  These are delicious and so much cheaper!
Fruit and Grain Cereal Bars - $1.39 - my kids like them
Dark Chocolate Super Berries - $2.99 - SO GOOD!  And they're about $2 cheaper than the name brand version.  I'd definitely buy them again and again.
Marinated Mozz Cheese - $2.99 - fun to try, but kind of bland.  They were great in a pasta salad, but I added in lots of extra flavors to make them tasty.
Raisins -$2.79 - my kids like them
Yeast $0.89 - cheaper than name brand, but I haven't baked with it yet.

I made this pasta salad with the Marinated Mozz Cheese.  It was delicious and you can find my recipe in the blog post from yesterday.

I'm hoping to try out some breads, frozen fruits, frozen foods in general and ice cream on my next Aldi Haul.

What have you been enjoying at Aldi lately?

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  1. Aldi is the best! I buy bread there now and we are impressed. I've found Na'an bread for our flatbread pizza and it's at least a dollar cheaper. We buy many of the same things as you. :)

  2. Was it me who warned against the mac and cheese?! It is SO gross, lololol. It's not the noodles, but the packet. Bleck. This made me miss Aldi. My store closed for renovations at the beginning of the month and I miss it SO much. It won't be open again until November.

  3. Great items! I like the yeast but you'll have to tell me what you think. Good to know about the fresh mozzarella. Our store had dozen eggs cartons, this week, for only .79! Love that!

  4. We LOVE the diapers and you can't beat the price, but I agree they're a bit snug. The fruit pouches are a must...our girls love them. I buy several boxes at a time. They love the Apple Cinnamon flavor the most! Great shares!!

  5. I have a friend in Atlanta - one of the cities where Aldi is offering grocery delivery service. She agreed to try it out and then report back, so hopefully I'll have the inside scoop on how it compares to other stores' service. Last week I grabbed a bag of shredded cheese at Aldi because it was less than $2 - usually it's around $3 at my Aldi. I found that it was okay on salads but didn't melt well at all in the calzones I made this week. Let me know if you have issues getting it to melt for you!

    Love your Aldi hauls!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  6. I LOVE Aldi!!! Thanks for sharing your picks, Whitney!

  7. My kids love the mac and cheese. They prefer it over Kraft. It needs a little extra milk sometimes.

  8. I don't like the mac and cheese and when I offered it to Connor, he spit it out and say "something happened to your cooking, Momma" so we are now a Kraft kind of family :)

  9. Okay, I officially have to try Aldi. I've heard they have fake girl scout cookies that are even better than the real thing. Which probably is not good, haha. ;)

  10. Such great Aldi finds!!! You know every single one of those items are in my shopping cart every week!! I have yet to find fruit pouches (unless they are on super sale) that are as cheap (and GOOD!) as the simply nature fruit pouches! We exclusively use Aldi diapers- they are SO good and SO cheap! LOVE LOVE LOVE Aldi!

  11. When you try the breads, I highly recommend the naan - they come in 4pks and make the best pizzas. We also get the Aldi brand hawaiian rolls to make hot ham & cheese sandwiches. Those are two of our favorites! I want to try their pretzel rolls, I need to plan a menu around those.

  12. I love Aldi. I love getting their guac, coffee and diapers. They are all so much cheaper there! Along with all the baking staples and individual packaged snacks! xoxo ERIN


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