Friday, March 24, 2017

The Best Parts

Getting back to regular life after a vacation is always slow going.  

We had a great time in Florida and it's great to be home in our own beds again.  Our March Madness brackets are busted so we are just going to enjoy watching the games, the baby is teething so that means he's extra needy and our cat hasn't felt well all week.  I gave Olive a haircut that looks super cute and got caught up on laundry.  We are gearing up for a fun week of FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY excitement next week.  I need to get busy making lists for all of my to dos.

The best parts of our week were:

 // 1 //
The day before we left on Spring Break it snowed!  I didn't even know Indiana was supposed to get snow so this was a really fun surprise.  We barely got an inch, but you better believe we put on our snow gear and made the most of that inch of snow.  The kids loved it and I wish Fletcher could fit in his bear snow suit forever.  Olive is modeling a snow hat that was mine when I was a little girl.  Thanks, Mom, for saving it for her.

// 2 //
Kate Spade Earrings
KS earrings are my very favorite earrings on the planet.  I have picked up a new pair every summer for the last three years.  These are my newest and they're SO PRETTY ON!  I never pay more than $20 for them and they are such great quality.  My first pair still gets worn several times a week and look new.  If you ever need a gift idea for a friend, buy them these earrings.  I always pick them up at the Kate Spade outlets at the beach.

// 3 //
Roar Like a Dinosaur!!  Fletcher is turning one!!

Fletcher's cute invitations went out and we are party prepping.  I have always loved throwing Olive's birthday parties and it looks like boy parties are going to be just as much fun.  I was happy with how his invitations turned out and then I printed them at Sams.  I even had some dinosaur help sealing my envelopes :)

// 4 //
You Are Free
I am a few chapters into You are Free by Rebekah Lyons and am really enjoying the message.  I love the idea of paying close attention to your spiritual gifts and callings to direct the paths you take in life.  I've found myself taking lots of notes so I can't wait to share more about it once I finish it.

// 5 //
Spring Break Trip to Florida
We hopped on a plane and headed South for Spring Break.  The kids did great and we had a blast.  The warm weather and sunshine was great and both of my kids love the pool/ocean so we had a wonderful time.  I was thrilled to get some key lime pie and crab cakes, do some shopping at the outlets and watch my kids play at the ocean.  I'll do some posts about things I learned after flying with two young kids, share some pretty ocean pictures along with some of the other adventures we went on while we were in Naples, FL next week.

 Polka-Dotty Place Week in Review:
Isn't this dress adorable!?!  I just love it for Olive and love that I got a great deal on it!

I hope you have a really great weekend!!


  1. I LOVE Kate Spade earrings!! Your new pair is absolutely GORGEOUS! I am so happy you had such a fun vacation!! And key lime pie is one of my absolutely FAVORITE desserts. I love citrusy desserts!!! Hope you have a fun weekend watching basketball and just getting back into the groove of "regular" life :) Happy Friday Friend!

  2. I always admire those earrings when people post about them, but have never picked up a pair. They are so pretty. Yay for a great vacation. Looking forward to reading about it. HAve a great weekend!

  3. Oh, I love the beach picture. Looks like a great time. And I haven't joined the Kate Spade earrings camp, I don't know what I'm waiting for! They look lovely. :) Happy Friday!

  4. Oh my gosh!! I love the theme of Fletcher's birthday. I can't wait to see what you have in store for his special day.

  5. I love those studs. I love my Kate Spade earrings. I love the beach picture, it makes me long for summer. Happy weekend!

  6. I love those earrings. If I even end up in a KS Outlet it wouldn't be pretty! Looks like your spring break was a blast!

  7. Oh those birthday invitations are PRECIOUS!!! Love the dinosaur tracks on the back!

  8. I LOVE those earrings! I'm glad y'all had such a great time at the beach. I can't wait for our beach trip. The birthday invitations are too cute! I can't wait to see how the birthday party turns out.

  9. Ok...first off, I LOVE the name Olive. What a cutie pies you have. My bracket is busted're not alone!! So glad y'all were able to get away to somewhere nice and warm for Spring Break! Oh and also...such a good feeling when you get all caught up on laundry. Currently working on that!

  10. While on vacation at the beach, you MUST have Key Lime Pie! Can't wait to hear all about you amazing trip friend. I love that you had som pre-vacation snow too. It must have made the beach felt that much warmer.

  11. My bracket is still holding since I picked UNC to win but we're not terribly invested this year. SO jealous of your Naples trip and pics- ahhh give me warmth and beach! I have one pair of Kate Spade sparkly studs however I'm LOVING yours and want them now too! ha Can't wait for Fletchy's bday shenanigans!!


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