Thursday, March 23, 2017

First Birthday Wish List

First Birthday Wish List

First Birthday Wish List by polkadottyplace featuring orange home decor

Fletcher's 1st Birthday 

Not sure how we are already at the one year mark, but I guess time flies when you're busy with a new baby.  Add in a new house, a move and life with two kids will do that to you :)

I thought it would be fun to see what a 1 year old boy would put on a birthday wish list.

Clothes // Shoes // Socks // Sippy Cups
Fletcher is wearing 24mos/2T for Spring & Summer.  

He'd love some cute, preppy outfits, warm weather pjs or things like socks for toddlers.  He also loves drinking out of sippy cups with flexible spouts.  And we will be outdoors a lot so some baby sunglasses would be nice.  I'd love for him to get some baby boy Salt Water Sandals, too.

Bath // Pool
Fletcher loves bath time and playing in the pool so any water toys would be a hit.

Animals // Cars // Balls // Board Books
Fletcher loves all things boy!  He'd be thrilled with cars, trucks, push cars, animals, board books and baskets to put them in.  We're a huge fan of wooden toys so anything wooden or Melissa and Doug would get played with a ton.  One of his favorite things is having his own basket of toys to dump and refill.  He'd also love any outdoor toys or anything he could play with in the backyard. 

I think Fletcher will be thrilled with anything that comes his way on his birthday!  I'm sure his big sister will be more than excited to help him rip open his gifts.  We are celebrating with just our little family on his actual birthday and then both sides of our extended family the weekend after his birthday.  Should be a blast!! 


  1. Awww...he's growing up too quickly. Why does that happen? HA ha! Great gift ideas. I'm sure he will love anything he gets.

  2. Awww happy almost birthday, Fletcher! I already put some fun bath toys on my baby girl's registry!

  3. I don't like this post for one reason... how is sweet Fletcher almost 1?! Life is cruel!

  4. I am lol'ing at Stephanie's comment and shaking my head in agreement. What a sweet list of gift ideas for a precious boy.

  5. Hahah I'm also with Steph and Beth. How can he be one?! I love this list of ideas. I always feel like I struggle to buy for Calvin because we have just about everything, but adding a few cute new clothing items is always fun!

  6. Make sure he gets a mylar balloon, then tie it to that oball truck, that's what Tell has been playing with since his birthday. hahaha And a huge ball from Walmart because Lawter won the favorite gift award for T. And now these baby boys can just stay little and not getting any bigger. Please and thank you.


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