Friday, December 19, 2014


Lots of good stories for you this week...

// I confess that I somehow lost a set of keys last week.  I have never lost keys in my life and they mysterious jumped off my key hook during the week.  Too bad I love getting my mail every day so I guess my punishment was no mail checking since Saturday.  I may or may not have stalked our postman and sweet talked him into handing me my mail.  I also may or may not have blamed my missing keys on Olive since she came out to get the mail with me.  Good thing she can't talk because I'm pretty sure she had nothing to do with my missing keys!

// I get annoyed when people refer to Olive has HE.  She wears a bow or girly outfit 99.9% of the time so usually it's not an issue.  With all of our hospital visits lately and Olive wearing a hospital gown, she got called a boy a few times.  I found myself quickly clarifying with things like, "Yes, SHE is doing great." or "SHE loves to twirl and rarely sits still."  We were also checking out after an appointment and the receptionist said Olive was pretty and that she thought she'd be a boy based on her name.  I had no words, but apparently Olive is a boy name to her??

// I got a phone call this week and the person said, "Can I please speak to Olive?"  I busted out laughing because it caught me so off guard.  It was a nurse from the burn center and she must have quickly looked back at her chart because she followed it up with, "Actually can I talk to the parents of Olive?"  It still makes me laugh to think of handing Olive the phone to chat.

// I was unpacking Christmas decorations and emptied out a box.  I found a brand new pair of earrings in the bottom of the box.  They've been missing for about 4 years.  I got them for Christmas, thought they got thrown away, dug through a million trash bags and must have accidentally stuck them in with my new Christmas decoration.  It went to storage for the last few years and now I have a new pair of pearls to wear for the holidays!  Hooray!!

// We have a sweet neighbor that likes to invite Olive and I over to see her.  Her house is full of dainty, fragile, museum worthy pieces so I watch Olive like a hawk.  She also has decorative tassels on her lamps, curtains and furniture knobs.  Olive (the tornado) likes to touch the tassels and I don't really worry about that.  We were sitting on her couch and Olive decides to flip open her coffee table book.  That would have been fine except for that fact that there was a ceramic bird sculpture sitting on top of the book.  In the blink of an eye Olive whips open the book and send the bird flying.  The sculpture snaps in half and I want to die right there.  I scoop up Olive and say it's time to leave.  I apologize profusely and can feel my face getting red.  She assures us superglue will fix it and it was no big deal.  I still felt bad, until she invited us back over the very next day.

//  I'm not the kind of shopper who walks up and starts talking to a stranger.  I smile, talk to babies and am a pleasant shopper, but I rarely strike up a conversation with a someone I don't know.  I parked next to this lady and her cute son at Target yesterday, we walked in together and continued to bump into each other inside the store.  I checked out and headed to the car.  While I was loading I see that she's also loading up her car.  I MAKE myself be brave and go talk to her.  I told her that we recently moved to Mississippi and that I was looking for for fun story time or play group opportunities nearby and tried very hard to not seem like some weirdo :).  She suggests a few options  nearby that she loves and said she usually goes so she'll look for me next time.  She didn't seem to think I was crazy and she gave me some great suggestions.  This is probably a sign that I should stop and talk to more people to build my little community in Jackson.  Message heard loud and clear.

// Kevin was meeting with his supervisor and they were discussing a patient.  Kevin described her as "hot and bothered" and his supervisor was shocked/burst out laughing.  He was surprised that she reacted so strongly so he reworded and said, "You know like when someone is all worked up."  She told him that's not what she thought hot and bothered meant so they both had a good laugh.  Once again, my hubby should probably avoid using all idioms.

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  1. I love these posts! I'm sorry you lost your keys, that would drive me crazy as I don't usually lose things either. Anytime I encounter a baby/child that I don't know I just say "how precious!" to avoid any mishaps with the him/her issue. But yeah, Olive is definitely not a boys name. Ha.

    Talking to strangers is much more common in the South than what we were used to in Indiana. :)

  2. I'm laughing out loud! The keys - they're probably in your Christmas decorations and you'll find them four years later ;) Handing the phone to Olive made me laugh so hard. If Olivia had gotten a call, I don't know what I would have done. Haha!


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