Monday, November 3, 2014

Olive @ 16 Months

Olive is a busy girl.
She's into everything,
climbing everything
and everything seems to be changing for her.
Her favorite foods:
cucumber slices, cheese, breads, any pureed fruits & veggies, crunchy snacks
She prefers to eat with a fork and still hates getting her hands dirty.
Her favorite songs:
anything with a catchy beat she can wiggle to
She says BYE when you leave the room, leave the house or leave her at church
and then blows you a kiss
 She can say many body parts - eyes, ears, nose and can point to several others.
Ouch used appropriately
She's working hard to "count"... we count 1, 2, 3 to lots of things so she'll repeat ONE and for some reason she says NINE.  I'll have to work on teaching her the numbers in between.  She'll line up her bath toys and pretend to count them.
No, Go Away, Don't
Hey Ma
Toph Toph
She loves Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
She loves talking to people when we are out and about.  She will bat her eyes at people, force them to say hello and interact with everyone.  Some people (mostly men) try very hard to talk to her and she gives them the stink eye.  They think it's hilarious.  She waves at everyone at the grocery stores and says heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy as we pass them.  I'm guessing she'll pick up a "Hey Y'all" greeting in the very near future.
She can do the touchdown sign
She had her first face injury.  We were hanging out in the backyard and she fell, flat on her face, into the tree roots.  She ended up with dirt in her mouth, scratches everywhere and a big bruise.  It was pretty pitiful.

She's trying to run places instead of walk which works out fine if her feet move as fast as she wants them to.  If not, she'll trip going out the front door or on the driveway.
 She LOVES to write and draw.  If I'm making a list, she will definitely want to help me.  Needless to say, we have to hide all writing utensils from her.

She can climb on the back of the couches, up into her high chair, up the stairs in no time, up onto our bed and up onto all chairs.  She's a danger to herself and we hardly let her out of our sight :)

She's giving hugs, kisses and showing lots more emotions.  If I reprimand her, she'll assume the pouty face or if I cheer for her she'll join in.  She keeps us on our toes and we love it!

My favorite 16 month pictures 
were from a little photo shoot I did before church one morning:

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  1. SO SO SO cute! And that sweet little dress! I love that she is already running!


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