Friday, June 21, 2013

Thoughtful Gift for Baby

I've mentioned a billion times that I teach at an amazing school with wonderfully supportive parents.  They have been so good to me for the last 9 years and I'm still trying to process the fact that I won't be teaching next year.  I've be extremely lucky to find this place and it has been such a blessing to me.

I missed the last 2 or so weeks of school since I had a baby and had a sub during that time.  I just recently went into my classroom to survey the work/packing that still needed to happen.  I came in to find a fun gift on my desk.  I was surprised because I'd literally been showered with gifts several times as the year was coming to a close.  I looked at the tag to make sure that it was for me and it was :)

Here's an example of the kind of gifts these sweet families put together for me.
 Each person in their family picked out one of their favorite books to give to Olive and then wrote us a little note on the inside cover.  I was lucky enough to have ALL THREE of their kids during my time teaching in Utah.  Everyone participated: mom, dad and three kids.  
Here were the books that they choose:
 I dare you to find a more thoughtful gift for a book-loving teacher :)

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