Friday, June 28, 2013


My makeshift workstation has been invaded.  We are working at a snails pace this afternoon.  Good thing I am a night owl.  Oh and it's 103 degrees outside... 


  1. Your cat (a male?) is quite intrigued with Olive. Our alpha male was so protective of my dd 16+ years ago. He slept across the doorway to her room and tried to eat our younger male (he saw him as a threat). I know a lot of people told me to get rid of my cats when dd was born, but they never bothered her (she bothered them!) and were either protective or found another place to be. We almost moved with a six month old (dh didn't get the job:( ); this is probably as a good a time to move as any.
    Good luck Whitney!

  2. Even more important is that Olive will take a pacifier. Mine was only interested in other babies pacifiers. She turned out quite okay (or perfect, but that's a mother prerogative), but taking a pacifier was not in her repertoire.


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