Saturday, June 22, 2013

Baby Book

I mentioned before that I had several fun baby showers.  At one of my showers, my friend Jacque had the guests do a little activity and she said she would give me the activities later.  I said okay and knew I would see them eventually.  Well a few weeks before I had Olive, a package arrived at my door.  Jacque said she'd like for me to open it at the hospital when Olive was born.  No problem!  I tucked it away with my hospital bag and brought it along when we headed to the hospital.  

The night Olive was born I was exhausted but could fall asleep.  While laying in the less than comfy hospital bed, I remembered that I had a package to open.  So while my hubby and baby were snoozing, I opened it.  

First, I opened a scrapbook.  I was already impressed because I knew that scrapbooking wasn't Jacque's favorite thing in the world.
 I opened it up to find pictures from the event documenting all of the guests, gifts and fun times that were had by all.  Then I see where the activities from the shower came into play.  Jacque designed these cards with Olive's name on them and the guests filled them out.  She inserted them all throughout the scrapbook with pictures.  Isn't this sweet?!?!  
 She even left me some blank pages in the back of the book where I could put the cards from the shower.  A much better idea than the ziploc bag that I have them in right now :)  This girl seriously OUTDID herself!!

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