Thursday, June 13, 2013

Family Mobile

Kevin said he had an idea that he wanted to run by me a few weeks ago.  He said he was thinking of trading in his car to get a larger family mobile for us.  I wasn't thrilled with the idea because I was hugely pregnant, trying to wrap up the school year and preparing to have a baby.  I told him that if he had time to look at cars and do research on a new/used car, then he could go for it, but I wouldn't be much help.  He said he was thinking it would be hard for me to get a car seat in and out of my car so he wanted to look for a smallish SUV.  So he busied himself looking at local cars for sale and narrowed down the field.  He surprised me with my favorite Jamba Juice one afternoon and said he wanted to show me his top 3 picks of used cars.  I figured we might end up going home with a car because Kevin had been researching things for weeks and the last time we looked at cars we went home with one that day.  I appreciate the fact that he did all the leg work and I got to come in at the end to approve the deal.

I tend to have expensive taste so I tried not to look around too much and just wait to see what Kevin found for us.  It turns out that the one car that caught my eye was Kevin's top pick for us.  He'd arranged for us to do some test driving.  I peeked inside several cars and we went for a drive.  We ruled out some for reasons like odd interior color, not a cute car and loved some because of the extras and size.  We both agreed on our favorite and borrowed it to go out to dinner to talk it over.  We felt good about the trade in and headed back to the dealership to seal the deal.  A few hours later after many signatures, raiding the salesman's candy jar and cleaning out our car, we were the proud owners of a new to us car!  I'm loving it already.  It's bigger, safer and car seat friendly.  I've already changed many diapers in the back which would have been impossible in my previous car.  Great find Kev!!

We said goodbye to the Insight on May 22

and HELLO to the Nissan Rogue!!

I'm always surprised at the things my husband pays attention to... as we were driving home with our new car he asks if I've ever heard of a "Push Gift".  I had but was shocked that he was bringing it up.  (If you haven't heard of a push gift, it's a gift that you give your wife after she goes through all the pushing of child birth).  He went on to say that he hoped I like my push gift :)  How could I not?!?!

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  1. Sweet ride! I'm sure it's much easier with the baby!!! Love the color too :)


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