Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lunch Box Notes

My parents used to put notes in my lunchbox when I was little.
I remember trying really hard not to use my napkin so that I could save it.
I looked forward to reading them when I sat down each day at lunch.

I found a stash of them on my most recent visit home.
 *Looks like I've always loved cats and books!
 Thanks Mom & Dad for sending me to school with these little notes of love.
Still gives me warm fuzzies today :)

Do you pack anyone's lunch??
I bet they'd LOVE to find a note from you :)

I put little notes in my husband's lunch when I pack it.


  1. I don't remember getting notes like this. Maybe they only wrote them for you because you were the favorite :) ha!

  2. I had no idea you still had them. :) Maybe we did a few things right. Are you sure you don't have some Haley? Ha ha!


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