Thursday, August 2, 2012


Do you ever have a hard time making decisions?
I usually don't but I seem to be mulling around several things lately.

Here's the ongoing monologue in my head right now:

1.  My inexpensive digital camera bit the dust recently.
I'm missing having it in my purse because I used it ALL the time.
(like the paint was chipping off it and the logo was wearing off used it)
I don't really want to buy a new one
but if I did it would be GREEN!
I have a nice NIKON camera and
I'm avoiding reading the 120+page on-line manual 
to learn to be a more proficient NIKON user.
I need to take more pics with my iPhone and learn more about instagram.
I'm a newbie...
and am annoyed to be uploading sideways pictures that won't let me alter them.
Anyone else have this issue??

2. I just got my updated eye prescription...
should I get new glasses??
I haven't gotten a new pair in years b/c I really do like my current pair
but my prescription has gotten a little worse.

3. I'd love to have a sewing machine but would I really use it??  
What would I sew?
I don't really need something else just taking up space
but Pinterest keeps building the case for me to start sewing.

4. Should I make a quick trip to Phoenix with my hubby this Fall?
He's got a conference there and we've never been...

5. I'd love to own a pair of colored, skinny jeans.
I HATE every pair that I've ever tried on and
I love every pair that I see people sporting.
I've tried them on at several stores but no luck... yet!
Where have you found great skinny jeans this season
that won't cost me triple digits??

6. We opted out of the football ticket lottery at Notre Dame this year...
and we are feeling bad/non-buyers remorse.
Would we have time to go to a game this fall?
Chicago in October?
CA in November?
home game?

7. How much is too much to bug someone when they owe you money?
One of my tutoring families has yet to pay me for July.
I don't think money is an issue for them but I hate asking for it again.
If it was just a little, I'd let it slide but it's a chunk of change.
Probably should send another e-mail today... #awkward

8. I'm not loving my latest running shoe purchase.
Actually, I'm pretty certain that they are too big.
Good to know now that I'm stuck with them.
Guess that's what I get for buying $40 shoes...
I'm on the search for a new, great pair that fits properly.

9. I bought a 25lb bag of cat food today.
I thought that was the size that I usually buy.
Wrong... apparently I have a 15lb food container.
So now I have 10 pounds of cat food and nowhere to put it.
This doesn't seem like that big of a problem, 
but my little Oliver doesn't have a "full button" 
so he always seems hungry and is dying to get into the food.
My 20ish pound cat probably won't benefit from this scenario.

10. I'm shopping for some new ear buds.
I have the traditional ones 
but I sweat like a willda-beast when I'm working out so they aren't cutting it.
Picture this: running, ear buds falling out, me trying to reinsert them, tripping, 
almost falling off said treadmill, regaining my balance.. you get the picture... not good.
I'm kind of a cheapy, my ear buds aren't broken just sub par
and don't want to pay big bucks for new ear buds.
My hubby has the ones that wrap around your ear 
and I just think they look silly so I don't want that kind :)
Guess I'll keep my eyes peeled.

11. I have 2 gift cards for pedicures.
I've had them for at least a year
and I just can't make myself do it.
I always enjoy it once I'm there but I d.r.e.a.d. going.
Maybe the first week back to school would be the perfect time to use one??

12. I'm doing a big art show at the end of September.
It's my first.
I'm nervous.
What if people don't like my accessories?
What if I make tons of pins and earrings and people pass them by?
What if my booth set up doesn't turn out as cute as I'm envisioning?
What if everyone loves my stuff, it sells out and my booth is empty?
Is my stuff as great, as I think it is??
I guess this is normal, first time show jitters...

13. I'd like to give some white strips a try but don't know which ones to get.
I've gotten Crest coupons but can't commit to the purchase.

14. I've been looking into getting a curling wand
to replace my curling iron.
I never have good luck with my curling iron
and just end up using rollers.
Do you have a curling wand that you love??

That's all :)
I feel better now that I've said all this "out loud".


  1. In regards to the glasses, I've been wearing glasses for like ever but there once time I went a few years without getting new ones and it only made my eyes worse, so I'd get new ones. If you really like your frames just get new lenses put in them. - Sam


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