Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Let's Bring Back the Thank You Note

Several weeks ago, I read this article on Zite

I am a HUGE fan of thank you notes.
I have written thank you notes to all kinds of people:
students, parents, family, friends,
parents of the bride, dinner party hosts, car dealerships,
chefs, towing services, principals, teachers and more!

I started writing thank you notes when I was little.
My mom would always buy us a new pack of notecards for holidays 
so we were prepared to write thank yous to our family & friends who gave us gifts.
She did this for all three of my siblings.
My brother always hated this 
and tried very hard to avoid doing it each year.
My sister and I were good at doing it.

I think thank you notes are a great way to show appreciation,
make someone feel special and let people know that you care.
Taking the time to hand write or thoughtfully type out a note,
isn't that hard but it does take some effort.

It's so nice to receive a handwritten thank you note.
When writing a TYN, you should:
-be specific
-tell the gift giver how you're going to use the gift
-or tell how you really enjoyed yourself or your experience
-written in a timely manner
- be neat & legible 
-snail mailed if possible because everyone enjoys getting mail

I'd recommend avoiding:
A general thank you note for everyone
A message that says, "Thank you for the gift."
A thank you note that is one sentence long.
misspellings, not proof reading

I keep a lot of the handwritten cards and notes that I receive.
I have a file at school filled with handwritten thank yous from students and parents.
I'm hoping to make a scrapbook of them one day.

Are you in the habit of writing thank you notes?


  1. LOVE the thank you note! At times I feel it is on the brink of extinction!
    Great post!

  2. There is a story in the Bible about Jesus healing a group of people. Most were so excited to be healed and they were ready to celebrate. Only one came to him to thank him. So........ even Jesus thinks it is important to thank people. :) MOM


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