Friday, August 3, 2012

High Five for Friday

Hello August!
I still have 17 days of summer left and I'm determined to make the most of it.

Here were the best parts of my week:

1. I found several great things on my latest thrifting adventure.
Skirts, tops, fabric and books.
2. We are loving watching the Olympics!
Go team USA!

 3. Raspberry Shakes at Millies = #themostamazingtreatonearth
Kevin and I are going like gang busters on our summer to do list.
Everything on the right side has been done.

4. I bought my first roll of washi tape this week.
Pretty surprising that I went with green and polka-dots... :)

5. I've been working hard in my classroom to get things ready.
My room is set up and I'm feeling good to go.
Of course my job is never really done at school
but I've got a whole week to work in my room before kids return on the 27th!

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  1. I started working on my room too! Blah! Loving that third thrifting pic......gingham, stripes, and a chevrony/polka dot print!!!


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