Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Road Trip Day 3 Deadwood

The only bison we saw on our trip.
Would love to have a tin ceiling like this one day...
Won $15 playing slots!
We walked into Saloon 10 and I had to show my ID, get my hand stamped by a 300lb+ man and walked around in sawdust at this casino...what did Kevin get me into??
Shootout reinacted in the streets!
Asked the Sheriff and an outlaw to pose for a picture after their shoot out.  "Sure Little Lady" is what they said to my offer!  :)  I was thrilled!
Everything was wild west themed.
Calamity Jane claimed to be Wild Bill's secret love so this was her dying wish.  Apparently she wasn't a looker so not many people believed this was true.
We saw LOTS of deer on the drive back to the hotel.
Another pretty sunset.
Maybe the worst bed spread yet... it had matching curtains.

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