Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I've been hanging out with these boys all summer.  We have been working hard to keep their school skills sharp and just enjoy each others company.  Since it was our last day together, I decided to plan an afternoon of fun for them.
After lunch at Paradise Cafe, we came to meet the cats.  Sorry for the blurry picture!  I was laughing because the cats loved the boys SO much!  Oliver gave J-D lots of kitty kisses :)
We fed the ducks.
C got really good at this... notice the duck in mid jump to get the bread out of his hand? 
The boys were like duck whisperers.  They had ducks eating out of their hands right and left.
Mesmerized by bread crumbs.
Oliver is a big boy and he loved the attention that he got from the boys today.  We headed out for some ice cream to wrap up the afternoon.

Please keep these boys in your prayers because...
1. They lost their mom about 7 months ago.
     for more details see this post: Mrs. Berg
2. Their dad travels with his job and they are in need of a GREAT nanny.
3. They are only 8 and 11 and have a lot on their plate right now.
4. They are missing their mom and trying to define a new normal.
5. Their dad needs prayers too as he's trying to care for 3 kids alone

Highlights of the day:
1. Listening to the boys giggle in the backseat
as I drove them around today.
2. JD showed me his iPhone to check out his apps
and the background picture is of his mom... .
3. We laughed the afternoon away playing Apples to Apples.
4. We talked about the upcoming football season
and how we were looking forward to watching games again.
5. They are cat lovers and really enjoyed meeting
Oliver and Topher.
6. They had never fed ducks before.

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