Monday, November 28, 2016

November Recipe Round Up

I've got lots of yummy things to share with you today.  I always feel like I won't have many recipes to share with you and then I start looking through my November picture files.  I cooked 4-5 nights a week this month so that ends up being some great meals to share.  I worked a little harder on fixing cute kid meals, eating salads and as per usual we ate a lot of mexican.  All of my recipes are quick, tasty and are crowd pleasers at my house.

Here are my favorite meals from the month:

// 1 //

This STRIPED SALAD was gorgeous and delicious.  I had different versions of it all month long.  I usually added a drizzle of Olive Garden's Light Italian dressing.  Turkey pepperoni is our favorite on salads, pizza and my toddler loves to eat it plain.

We bought deli turkey to eat for lunches all month long.  I packed turkey sandwiches for my husband and then would chop up turkey on a salad for my lunch at home.  It was delicious and the protein helped keep me full.

// 2 // 
Build Your Own Nacho Bars are always a dinner favorite.  The more toppings the better!

BAKED TACOS are becoming a staple in our dinner rotation.  These had shredded chicken, refried beans, onions, sweet peppers, sharp cheddar cheese, black olives, jalapenos and salsa inside.  Baked at 350 for 15 minutes or so and then served with all the cold fixings.

// 3 //
Breakfast for dinner is a great way to eat an inexpensive meal at home.  We don't have this every week, but we did have it a few times this month.  I finally found our waffle irons after we moved so it was great to get back into the waffle making routine.  I also picked up bacon when it was on sale so it really was a tasty dinner.  We did regular, chocolate chip and blueberry waffles.

// 4 //
I love to plan festive food for my kids around the holidays.  They get so excited for cute meals and seem to clean their plate every time.  I did the ice cube tray meal for Halloween and then we had it for several days following because I had all of the ingredients on hand.

 I served a flag meal on election day with all of my daughter's favorites.

// 5 //
 I shared the recipe for Baked Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Oatmeal and it's soooooo good!  We ate it several times this month because it was so easy to whip up.  The entire family loved it!

 Then we had Election Day sundaes while we stayed up until 3:30am to wait for things to be official.  I always make the Triple Chunk Brownies in a box, vanilla bean ice cream, mini M&Ms, Hershey syrup and sprinkles.  They were really tasty!!

What have you been cooking this month??
Any yummy recipes you'd like to share with me??
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  1. I want to eat every single one of those dishes. Yum!! They all look so delicious.

  2. Now I want salad.... or Nachos.... maybe taco salad?! Everything looks SO good Whitney.

  3. Oh man, it's only 8 am and I'm starving now lol!

  4. This all looks so good! Love the little flag meal!! So cute :)

  5. I do the same thing every month - I'm always pleasantly surprised by how many good meals I served! :) Love your striped salad idea. Pretty food always tastes better!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  6. Love your meal ideas!! Your loaded nachos look SO yummy!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving friend!

  7. My mouth is watering - everything looks SO GOOD!

  8. I wish my family loved Mexican as food as much as I do because I could eat a variation of it every single day. I love all the Mexican food! Your salads are always on point. We did chili a couple times this month and taco soup (my favorite fall foods). We baked a lot of yummy treats like peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, pies, and game day dips. I love your monthly recipe round up. It always inspires me. I really need to invest in a waffle maker.

  9. Tomorrow we are having baked tacos for the first time and I have to admit, I'm pretty excited!

  10. Those baked tacos look amazing! I am going to try them for sure!


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