Monday, August 29, 2016

August Recipe Round Up

I did a lot of cooking this month and am excited to share several new recipes with you.  We've been eating colorful meals, lots of salads and trying to do quick dinners so that no one is stuck in the kitchen all evening preparing food and doing dishes.  

// 1 //
Fruit salads, super veggie salads, and everything in between.  The key to eating lots of salads seems to be lots of veggie chopping by me each week, regular trips to the store for salad ingredients each week and planning to eat at least one salad a day.

// 2 //
Mini bow tie pasta
fresh grated parmesan cheese
rotisserie chicken

Cook the pasta, add as much pesto as you'd like, stir together until the pasta is well coated, add in the chicken and top with parmesan cheese.  This meal was so easy and SO GOOD!!

// 3 //
BBQ Pork Quesadillas
We had BBQ pulled pork for dinner a few times this month and I always ended up with leftover meat.  I whipped up this BBQ quesadillas for lunch and they were amazing!
Small tortilla shells
sharp cheddar cheese
BBQ pulled pork

I served them with carrot sticks and they were delish!

// 4 //
My husband isn't a huge pasta fan so I've got to get creative to get him excited about seeing pasta on the menu.  It's probably a good thing he doesn't love pasta because I'd eat pasta for every meal if it was my choice :)  I got coupon on apps and in the paper for this new Homestyle Ragu sauce recently.  I was curious if it was any good and I'm excited to tell you that it is AMAZING!!!

We use it for pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce and for these Pizza Pasta Bowls.  I'm stocking up on it while they are offering all kind of coupons for it.

I boiled the pasta and then had the pizza toppings in bowls for everyone to build their own pasta bowl.  I had turkey sausage crumbles, turkey pepperoni, parmesan cheese and the Ragu sauce.  We each build our own and LOVED it!

We ate our favorite Krusteaz blueberry muffins for breakfast this month.  I LOVE this brand and am a huge fan of anything they make.

We made Indoor S'more Bars that were a huge hit.

What have you been cooking this month??
Any yummy recipes you'd like to share with me??

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  1. Love your recipes, as usual! The build your own pasta bowl is a fantastic idea! I'm a Krusteaz fan too - their scone mix is good. I add dried cherries and white chocolate chips :)

  2. I recently bought a jar of pesto from Costco because of you! It's so yummy! That Ragu sauce is my JAM! I LOVE it more than any pasta sauce I've had before. I won't buy anything else anymore!

  3. Those pizza bowls sound really fun and delicious!

  4. You make the best salads! And that quesadilla I bet would be amazing even without the cheese! And those stores bars! Now I'm hungry!

  5. My stomach was growling and then I read this :P. I need to try those quesadillas pronto. They sound so good.

  6. Oh yum! All of these look SO good!!!!!! You're making me hungry!

  7. Your salads look amazing! I would eat them more if they looked like that when I put them together!

  8. Pesto Pasta is going on my menu!! I love everything involved and you had me at easy!


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