Friday, July 10, 2020

Naples Favorites

Happy Friday!  I'm coming to you to share our favorite moments from Naples, Florida.  We've been going there since 2015.  It's one of our very favorite spot to vacation.  We always go down and stay at my inlaw's home.  It's lovely.

Naples Favorites:

The big pool!  My MIL got some fun floats for the kids to try out this year.  Notice everyone lathered up in sunscreen.  I'm happy to say no one really got burned this trip!

Father's Day on Vacation!
Kevin got to go to a golf superstore to try out some new clubs (his bday present), we swam in the pool and then went out to a delicious dinner.  That was our only dinner out on vacation.

Dinner at Tommy Bahama!


The girls!

The kids always love making wishes and throwing coins in the fountains.

The big kids picked up some new freckles on vacation :)

We made a quick stop at the outlet mall .  The kids visited the coy pond and we ran into the Croc store and GAP.

Lots of brother snuggles.

A sunset walk around the neighborhood.  It was gorgeous out!  Fletcher found a fountain to splash in while the rest of us admired the flowers.

The plants are always AMAZING.

The Naples Zoo was open.  They had made lots of change due to covid so we were able to go safely.  It was super HOT.  The guys went golfing and we took the kids to the zoo.  Leo slept through the whole thing.

Fletcher requested I take his picture on these rocks.  Then proceeded to pose like this.  HAHAHA!  Look at those cute 4 year old muscles.

We walked over to the little pool.  Fletcher made us stop to look at a lizard he spotted.  It was HUGE.  It's hard to tell, but it was about 2ft long.  We've never seen a lizard this big.

Little pool.  Giant mermaid tail float.

Another day.  Another float.

Tons of time for snuggles, movies, tablet time, art and relaxing this trip.

Kevin cruised them around the pool.

A sweet gentleman offered to take a whole family picture for us after I snapped that picture of Kevin and the kids.  I'll never turn that down.  He said he had kids our age and was happy to help.  

Poolside drinks.  Cheers, Kevy!

Keeping the baby cool in the shade.

Olive, the fish, too busy to pause for a waterfall picture.

My MIL stocked the kids up on art supplies for our visit.  Olive painted these rainbow fish.  I was so impressed.  I brought this home to hang up in our art gallery.  She says she's going to be an artist when she grows up and I'm impressed with her art skills at age 7.  She painted an O as her signature in the water.

It's our favorite to do late night swims.  We ate dinner and then headed to the pool.  The sun isn't so bright and the pool was so warm.  We all loved it.  Minus the moments when I was alone with the kids, trying to get everyone situated and Fletcher jumped into the water that was over his head.  I had to rush out with Leo in my arms to rescue him.  He had to sit in pool time out and promptly got his life jacket clipped on.  Lesson learned: Put on Fletcher's life jacket FIRST.  Everything else can wait.

 More snuggles on that patio.

Hope you have a great weekend!  We're going to celebrate Kevin's birthday with family!

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  1. Wow, there is a lot of family resemblance in that picture of the guys! Looks like such a fun time. Do your in-laws live there all year?

  2. I can see why you love it there so much! What a beautiful pool and what fabulous floats.


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