Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas Footprints

I try to do a hand or foot print project with my kids every year.  I love documenting their little features and comparing them year to year.  It's crazy how fast they grow and I just treasure these sweet little art pieces.

This year we opted to do a Forest of Footprint Firs for our Christmas art.

It was really easy to do and only took a few steps.

Stamp feet.  Clean feet.  Let dry.  Decorate.  Let dry.  Display.

paint brushes / sponge dotters
q tips
wet wipes

Do one kid at a time.  One foot at a time.
Pick a different shade of green for each kid.
Have lots of wet wipes handy to clean off their feet.
Add glitter early on and let it dry.
Let one kid decorate their foot trees at a time.
Q-tips and finger tips make great dotters
If colors don't dry as vibrant as you'd hoped, just touch up the dots.

Also, in full disclosure...  My kids were a challenge for this whole project. 

They were both excited.  Maybe a little too excited.  Olive was being bossy.  Fletcher was into everything.  I tried to take turns with them and he basically was on a path of destruction.  I thought he was playing nicely and went to check on him... turns out he had squirted out an ENTIRE POUCH OF APPLESAUCE onto our WOOD FLOORS and was ice skating through it and belly flopping in it.  I had to put him in the sink and hose him off.  Change all his clothes and get back to painting.  He went on to make several other big messes. 

So remember that just because I have a cute art project to share with you, it doesn't mean things are sunshine and rainbows over here all the time.  We all have hard days and we all just power through.  Am I right!?!

Christmas Footprints:

Fletcher had to go down for a nap so I decorated his foot trees.
Olive had big opinions (per usual) on how her trees would be decorated.  Glitter was a must.

Here are a few ideas for hand and foot print art that we've done in years prior.


(directions here)

(directions here)

(all the details back from my teaching days)
shoe print head and hand print antlers

Have you done any art projects with your kids this month??


  1. Love, love, love! These are the things you will treasure for years to come. Trust me, I do!

  2. what a fun way to display how your kids grow each year. Bonus that it also counts as décor for your house!

  3. I love love love footprint and handprint art. I need to do something with Calvin yet this year!

  4. We are doing a handprint craft this week with friends. I love the idea of having C's little hand in keepsake form.


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