Wednesday, October 5, 2016

October Goals for ME

I love starting out a new month with new goals.  It's like a fresh start to tackle a new to do list.  I still have plenty of things to work on from September so I'm renaming those Fall goals.  Makes sense to me :)  Then I'm setting a handful of goals just for ME to focus on this month.  I spend a lot of time managing, planning for and orchestrating things for everyone else in my family and often leave myself for last.  I think a lot of moms and women can relate.  I have good intentions to do things for me, but they're usually the first things to get scratched from my plans if something else comes up.  Can you relate??

Goals for ME

1. Exercise at least 4 times a week. 
Go on walks with my kids in tow will be my primary form of exercise.  Pushing a double stroller with a 3 year old and a chunky baby in it up and down hills makes my arms burn.  The kids both love stroller rides so it's not hard to convince them to go.  We do nature walks (butterfly picture above), play I Spy and just enjoy the fresh air together.  Then we all play in the backyard and enjoy being outside (last picture).

2. Eat the rainbow.
Plan and eat colorful meals.  Big salads, healthy sides, apples for snacks, etc.  Don't buy candy, share the majority of the treats I make and cut way back on snacking after dinner.

3. Go to bed by midnight.
In bed, phone off and on my way to sleep by midnight.  I realize midnight sounds late, but I am guilty of staying up much later because it's my time to get my to do list done once everyone is in bed.  Then, I end up staying up too late watching my DVR, blogging and scrolling through my phone and am dragging the next morning.

4. Weigh in.
I'm not a huge fan of weighing myself daily so I'll just stick to checking in every few days to see how I'm doing for accountability.  My goal is to lose a few pounds so that my pre-Fletcher Fall clothes will fit :)

5. Make the most of my Fringe Hours.
Fringe Hours = Those moments in the day where I end up with a few minutes to myself.  I have a book on my desk to grab when I have a few minutes, a list of crafts I'd like to work on, painting my nails and organizing projects that I'd enjoy tackling.  I notice that my best days are ones that allow me to do a few things for myself in the midst of taking care of two little people round the clock.

6. Plans with Friends
I've been working hard to invite our new friends over to our house, say yes to invitations and to get out and about with other moms regularly.  It's often easier to stay home with the kids, but I end up enjoying our days more when I get a chance to see friends and see my kids play with friends.  We all benefit from spending time with others.

What goals are you working on for October??
Are we working on any of the same things?
I'm hoping that working hard on things for myself will help me better a better wife, mom, & friend.

To give myself a little accountability I'm posting these goals for all to read, talked to my husband about them and have included my toddler.  She loves to go for walks so I told her that it's great to get out and get some exercise so we all feel good.  She's in charge of asking to go for walks.  How can you say no to a cute kid asking you to get some exercise??  I also found this sweet note on my weight tracker chart in the bathroom before I headed to bed...  It definitely made me smile.  It's nice to be surrounded by encouragers :)


  1. These goals are great! I agree in eating healthier, whole foods. That's one of my major goals this month is to try to eat less processed foods and more real foods. So far that's been hard because lots of stuff that I grab and go is processed.
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Sounds like you have some great goals. Good luck!

  3. Renaming them fall goals is the perfect plan. That note, sweetest ever I love it. I agree the kids asking to get out and play, it's pretty stinking hard to say no to that. I am HOPING to get in a hike or something with our goals this weekend. They really don't ask to walk anymore but they love hikes. Oh how quickly they change and grow.

  4. I'm so glad you are making goals for yourself-always a good thing to do. One thing I've been meaning to do is write down a Fringe Hours List. I need a literally list of things I can do in those moments or I'll end up scrolling on my phone. Of course, I haven't gotten down to writing that list but it is something I want to do.

  5. Great goals. I'm still working to get back to pre-Calvin weight. You can do it!

  6. I've been having this very conversation with a friend today about how my needs are constantly moved down the list, in favor of what everyone around me needs. It's so important to make time for yourself and I'm working on some goals of my own to better tend to my overall wellness! I've had way too many postponed plans with friends lately for starters, and fitness is not as top ranking as I'd like for it to be these days... Time for some changes!

  7. Well if that little note just doesn't melt you heart. So sweet. :) You got this - I love the idea of eating the rainbow. I definitely need to improve on that!

  8. I am always up so so late. Like 11-12 because I can get so much done when Connor is in bed. When James travels, it's worse. I'm up till 1-2.


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