Wednesday, October 12, 2016

3 Things

1. Kevin's super busy with work this year.  He's teaching, advising, counseling, researching, on several committees and just BUSY.

2. He's currently winning or in second in both of his fantasy football leagues.  His beloved Notre Dame is tanking this season with a 2-4 record so it's nice that his fantasy leagues are going well.

3. He thinks Fletcher is my mini me with his blue eyes.  I love that both of my boys have blue eyes.

1. I'm thrilled to report that I hit my first healthy milestone this week - back to my pre-Fletcher weight!  Hooray!!  Those long walks, salads and better eating habits are paying off.

2. I started Christmas shopping this month.  I made my list of people to buy for and am getting started.  I try to be done with the majority of my shopping by December 1st.  Wish me luck!

3. I've been using my grocery saving apps and have had a killer month!  I got $7 back using Savings Catcher for Wal-Mart and on my most recent trip to Mejier I had $19 off in rewards, used $5 off in paper coupons, got a $5 off gas voucher and then got $7 back on my rebate apps (Ibotta, Checkout51 and SavingsStar).  Hooray!!   

 1. She sings and dances non-stop these days.  Mickey Mouse songs, princess songs, silly songs, cartoon songs, etc.  She is picking up the words to songs so quickly these days.  The other day she busted out in song at the doctor's office... "Pesky little critter we thought you was cute.  Now you're just a pain in our boots!"  She said Sheriff Callie sings it and her version was adorable.

2. She wants to color/craft/cut all day long.  She's always asking to do art projects with me.

3. Olive has decided that her little brother is her favorite.  She plays with him, talks to him and I even overheard her singing to him to cheer him up when he was crying.  

1. He loves toys and wants to chew on something all day long.  He still hates pacis.  He loves all fruit purees we've tried along with sweet potatoes.

2. He said his first work last week and it was MAMA!  I was thrilled :)

3. He's a chunk.  Busting out of his 12 month things and leaving me guessing for what size to buy for winter.  He's got 12-18 month things and 18 month things so hopefully that'll last us for a while.

Tell me a fun fact about you :)


  1. Love the update! Congrats on hitting that first milestone!! That always gives more motivation when you know what you're doing is working!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Fletcher in a hat, I just died. Congrats on that goal friend. It is such a sweet thing to see hard work pay off. Keep up the good work!

  3. His smile! Ahhh, he's so adorable and definitely a mini you :)
    Congrats on your weight loss goal!! Thats awesome! Let's see...something about me... I've been on the hunt for some affordable crop jeans, the ones that look like they have a raw hem. There are some are Target I'' going to go try on today. If they work I'm picturing them with booties for fall :-)

  4. Cuteness all around! Yay for the weight loss!

  5. Such a sweet update! Good job on the weight loss! I've also started my Christmas shopping. I'm like you and like having my shopping done by December so I can focus on fun experiences.

  6. Yay the healthy milestone!!! GO WHITNEY!!!!


  7. Congrats on hitting your pre-pregnancy weight! That's awesome! :)

  8. Too cute! I just downloaded the Checkout 51 app and went to Wal-Mart for the first time in I don't know how long {sad!} but I did save some. Guess I will have to start shopping more so I can save more!

  9. Oh I love this post. I just may have to steal it.
    And Whit, I am obsessed with Fletcher's eyes and bald head.


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