Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pumpkins, Hayrides & a Dose of Reality

We had a pretty nice Fall weekend at our house.  Sure the baby was teething and no one slept great, BUT we did get to do lots of fun things.  We crossed so many things off our Fall Family Fun to do list.  I'm going to focus on the positives, throw in a few doses of reality and show you all the family fun we had with pumpkins, s'mores, hayrides and hot dates :)  Have you gotten your pumpkins yet??

 The leaves are falling and Olive loves to play in them.  She was excited to wear her O pumpkin shirt and head to the pumpkin place.  Reality: she refused to wear pants and a coat and shivered her way through the pumpkin picking.

 It was so cute to see these two deliberating over which pumpkin was best and then picking out one for her and one for Fletcher.  Real life: Kevin wished he would have picked out a pumpkin for himself but didn't have enough hands to carry them all.  We also forgo the actual pumpkin patch because our kids are too little to care.  They love going to this local nursery and picking pumpkins out of the pumpkin dome.


Last year we announced our pregnancy with Fletcher by saying we were adding another pumpkin to the patch.  This year we have a darling, chunky little pumpkin hanging out at the patch.
Reality: He loved all the pumpkins and would have licked them all if we let him.

 Sweet sibling moment.
Reality: It's nearly impossible to get two little kids looking and smiling in the same direction.

Olive's favorite part of picking out pumpkins every year is finding a bunch of tiny ones to bring home with us.  Here's she's telling me she has a really great idea!  Let's make a pattern with our pumpkins!  Sounds good and we ended up going home with a bag of mini pumpkins.

 See what I mean about pumpkin licking :)

On Saturday we went to our country club's Halloween party.  It's our second year to go and we had a great time.  It was even better than last year.
The bounce house was a huge hit.  
Reality: Olive loved it so much Kevin almost had to climb in to pull her out.  Since she loved bouncing so much we did get to visit with some other families.  We're trying hard to make friends so this was a good way for us to visit while all of our kids bounced.

Olive roasted her first marshmallow.
Reality: She promptly decided she didn't like black marshmallows, gave it to me and then grabbed a handful of mini marshmallows and chocolate to snack on instead.  Then she knocked over my cup of hot chocolate so we cleaned it up and left the area.

Kevin made me a delicious s'more.

Time for a hayride!!

We were excited about the hayride through the golf course.  We looked around for animals because we usually see turkeys or deer.  I just knew Olive and Fletcher would love it.
Reality: Olive did love it and throwing hay off the side of the hayride was her favorite part.  Fletcher was undecided about the whole thing.  He couldn't get comfy and fussed through about half the ride.  He kept trying to pull hair and eat hay.  Also, toddlers hate selfies and babies love them.

Date night!!
Reality: Olive was bouncing the night away after we ate dinner, I walked Fletcher around in his stroller until he fell asleep and then we had a few quiet moments to ourselves.  That counts for a parent date night - right!?!?  We'll take what we can get :)

Can you reality to any of our parenting realities!?!?

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  1. Cute photos + reality, I love it! You'll have to put this post in their baby books. It will tickle them when they are 25!

  2. I love the added bit of reality to each picture! So funny!! I love that y'all got to roast smores...those are my favorites!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Oh Fletcher. You can just tell by his eyes in that first photo that something is bugging the guy. I say it totally counts as a date night. Any quiet time you get, claim it. Hope his teeth stop bugging him soon.

  4. Oh boy-sounds like a recent pumpkin patch trip I had. My toddler who is usually very easy-going literally cried, fussed, and at one point straight up threw himself on the ground because I wouldn't let him run into the pumpkin sling shot area-like for real! Oh the joys of motherhood!


  5. What a great day you guys had. I love the little dose of reality peppered in as well...a very candid and REAL way to show what it's like to pumpkin pick with 2 kids. Looks the kids had a blast either way. Thanks for sharing this and for hosting this week, Whitney!

  6. Looks like a perfect fall weekend! Precious family :)

  7. That definitely counts as date night! :) Love the "O" pumpkin shirt!

  8. I love this...such an interesting way to look at things. Y'all did have lots of fall fun this weekend though and it is neat having Fletcher there like a full circle moment.

  9. Kids can wear a person down till there is about nothing left. But hey... we did it to our parents so it's our turn.

  10. I love your doses of reality! Fletcher's pumpkin licking cracks me up!

  11. So much fall fun! I love it :) That "O" pumpkin shirt is absolutely adorable and I love the picture of little man trying to lick/eat the pumpkin hehe. Up to no good ;)

  12. Oh Whitney!! I l just love you!!! This post is perfect and hysterical and I seriously need to meet Olive...she seems like such a hoot!! :)

  13. This was awesome. Your posts are always some of my favorites to read!

  14. Love this perspective! These pics are all so cute. And parents gotta do what parents gotta do!!!


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