Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fletcher 4-6 Months & Fave Baby Toys

Fletcher is at such a fun age. 

He loves toys, loves interacting with people and is happy to sit beside you surrounded by toys.  He's rolling and moving around a ton, but he's not crawling all over the place yet.  I'm soaking up these sweet non-mobile days while they last.  I thought I'd share his favorite toys which are almost all the same as Olive's favorite toys at this age.  It's so sweet to see him loving many of the same toys that she loved.  If you have a baby, are shopping for a baby or will have a baby down the road - these are your must have toys!!

Jellycat animal (bunny & puppy are our favorites)
Sophie the Giraffe (She's worth every penny!!)

It's hard to believe another three months have passed
and it is time to update you with some fun Fletcher facts:

4 Months - July 2016
 You started loving toys this month and you think your hands and feet are fascinating.  You love bath time and stare out the windows when we drive.  You hate pacis, try your hardest to sit up when we lay you down and you are pretty ticklish.  You have had several nights of sleeping 7 hours straight, sprouted eye lashes and wear size 2 diapers.  You are still taking three naps a day mostly in your swing.  You love sitting up in your Bumbo seat and smile any time we talk to you.  Your tongue is almost always sticking out when you smile.  You wear 9-12 month clothes and your legs are really getting chubby.

You got to visit lots of family this month and got snuggled by everyone.  You visited the country fair, had your first fourth of July and had a swallow study done to confirm you had silent reflux.  We were thrilled to get you on medicine to help with that and have had a few more appointments to confirm that you're doing great.  We also moved into our new house this month.  Thank goodness Mimi came to snuggle you while we moved because we were all really busy.  You didn't seem to notice we moved and are happy as usual.

5 Months - August 2016
You weigh 16lbs 13 oz and are doing great.  You had a little cold to kick off the month and are still taking soy formula.  You always have your hands and feet in your mouth and usually end up gagging because you can't get them in far enouhg.  You love watching your big sister and love sleeping in your rock-n-play.  You seem to be drooling and teething, but no teeth have shown up.  You love toys, playing peek-a-boo and are so ticklish.  You love for us to help you stand up and you talk our ears off with all of your babbling.  You flap your arms and legs all day so I think you are eager to get on the move.  Bath time means you get everyone soaked because you splash like crazy.  You do this funny thing where you love to feel everything with your feet.  You'll rub your feet along all kinds of surfaces to check them out.  Even when I'm holding you you will rub your feet along my arm. 

You got to watch your first Summer Olympics, try rice cereal for the first time and you nap three times a day.  Your nails grow really quickly and you adore stroller rides.  Mama is still your favorite.  You get yourself so worked up if I leave your eye sight and then you immediately calm down when I scoop you up.  Your eyes are still bright blue and I think they are going to stay that way just like your Dads.  You are very strong and put a death grip on anything you really love.  You are great at pulling hair, hanging on to toys and your strong legs keep you standing for a long time with help of course.

6 Months - September 2016
Your whole face lights up when we sing silly songs to you.  We change the words and add your name into them.  Who let the Fletchy out? Who? Who? is your current favorite.  You have lost all of the hair you were born with and a lighter version of hair is starting to pop up.  You are learning to love to watch Notre Dame football with us, are loved by everyone you meet and are sleeping 5-6 hours at a time. You think Olive is hilarious and you've started pinching everyone.  You smile and laugh hysterically, but you're so strong that it hurts.  You love to jump and bounce and are still a huge fan of toys.  We read books to you and you slap your hands on the pges.

People keep saying you look like your Mama.  We have been going to story time and you love it.  You got to go to the zoo and you were thrilled to be along for the ride.  You screech and shout when you are happy, we change your clothes several times a day do to all the baby drool and still no teeth.  You think shoe strings are fascinating, you reach out for mom when you want picked up and you're still eating taking soy formula.  You love chewing on your fingers and toes and seem to say a version of Moooooooooooooooooooooooom when you are crying. 

You tried bananas and sweet potatoes this month and are still trying to figureout what you love.  You are starting to nap in your crib in your big boy room.  Olive likes to hang out in your crib and play with you and she calls you Fletchy.  You love to sit up and be surrounded by toys.  Mornings are still your happiest times of day and you are fussy after dinner.  I can't believe we got to celebrate your half birthday already!  I got donut halves for our family and you would have shoved one in your mouth if I would have let you.  Big boy is growing out of your 12 month clothes and I'm prepping 18 months for Fall.  Size 3 diapers.

Happy 6 Months Fletcher!


  1. Oh goodness Fletcher is just the cutest. It seems the only time that he isn't smiling is when he is sleeping. I know that isn't totally true ;). But goodness it sure seems that way.

  2. Loved these updates. He, of course, is beyond precious just like his big sister! And so so adorable too!

  3. He looks so similar month to month, just older and bigger. Some babes change so much, not Fletch, yet anyways! He's so happy and fun- Fletcher and T just sound so much alike, rolling through life with big smiles and a whole lot of tolerance! ha Big boy! Outgrowing his 12's! Tell is a chunk but he's short so even 9 month "real" pants are swallowing him. Not sure how we'll navigate cooler weather... haha

  4. We have almost all of those toys too! I can't believe how big sweet Fletcher is. Emma is a peanut and will never fit into her 12 month clothes.

  5. He always looks so happy. I love that he is a go with the flow baby. I'm sure that helps with a big sister on the run.

  6. Fletcher is so cute, sweet like a smiling angel, his sister is very sweet, this is a family full of warmth and love.


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