Friday, June 10, 2016

The Highlights

We got back from vacation on Sunday and it has been nice to get back into our regular routine this week.  Better sleeping, better eating and the cats were thrilled to have us home.  We've gotten to have play dates and enjoyed not having anywhere to be most days. 

The best parts of the week were:

// 1 //
I've been eating 1-2 salads and day and loving them.  I have to go to the grocery regularly, chop veggies and fruits often, but I'm loving eating better and feeling better.  Each week I'll share some of my favorite salad inspirations for you.  The berry salad was one I ordered often on vacation and then the Italian salad was my compromise one day when I really wanted a giant bowl of spaghetti.  They were both delicious and I love that my toddler wants to help me eat all the fruits and veggies when I make a big salad for lunch.

 // 2 //
Kate Spade
We always visit the outlet malls at least once during our beach trips.  This year was a speed shopping version because the kids were napping in the car with Kevin.  My MIL and I tore through our favorite stores and then met up with the rest of the crew for a few final stops.  We found great deals at Carters, GAP, Ecco and Kate Spade.  I picked up this darling tote.  I love this size because I can throw so much into it and it zips shut.  I LOVE the quality of Kate Spade earrings.  I bought a pair of bows last year and wore them 4-5 times a week for a solid year and they still look brand new.  They were under $20 so I had to pick up another pair.  I opted for rose gold bows this year.

 // 3 //
I've been overhauling my hair routine lately to make thing easier/faster.  I wash it twice a week, let it air dry and then add some curls with a curling wand.  Thanks to dry shampoo and some other products the routine is working pretty well.  I was noticing more frizz issues with the weather warming up so I ordered this HSI Anti Frizz Hair Mask that has great reviews on Amazon.  I'm hoping it'll help control the frizz and live up to the hype.

 // 4 //
I was an elementary teacher for 9 years before I had kids and one of my teacher dreams came true this week!  I always told my students in Utah to look me up if there were ever in the Midwest and this cute family did.  I had all three kids and the oldest just graduated high school.  It was so fun to have them in town.  We ate donuts together, talked about the funny memories we had of 2nd and 3rd grade and introduced them to my kids.  I smiled for the entire day after seeing them!

 // 5 //
Cute Kid Moments
I've decided that three is my favorite age!  Olive is so stinkin funny and fun to be around most of the time.  She pays attention to everything, asks funny questions, jokes around and is so sweet.  She tells me that I'm her very best buddy and wants to do everything I do.
Fletcher is 2 months old and getting so big!  I remind him all the time that he's just a baby.  He's busting out of his 6 month clothes and cruising right into 9/12month things.  He's already outgrown most of the things I thought he'd wear this summer.  Yay for healthy, happy babies :)

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I hope you have a really great weekend!!
Do you have any fun plans in the works?? 
We are working on new house stuff all weekend.


  1. Seeing your old students must have been such a special moment! I also guessed that you live in Indiana based on the square donuts. They are my absolute favorite!I moved from one part of Indiana to another and there are none here :( I'm a new follower on GFC.

  2. You are turning into the salad queen!! And every single one of them look so YUMMY!! :) And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new Kate Spade tote- SO cute!! Hope you have a great weekend Whitney!!

  3. I love love that you saw your students! And the KS items!! Both of those salads look oh so good, please do share your recipes. Did I tell you I started buying hearts of romaine? They last soo much longer. I chop one up for a salad most days. I would love to hear what you enjoy for dressings. That is where I struggle.
    Little 3 year old Olive gets cuter and cuter every day! She is definitely your best buddy :-)

  4. aww! Stopping by from the Friday Favorites link up! Such a cute post! Hope you enjoy mine as well :) Happy Friday!

  5. So excited to find another midwestern blogger from the link up! That salad looks sooo yummy! Wish mine would look that pretty :)

    Happy Friday! Carlie - NorthernBlissMN


  6. When I'm out for lunch/dinner and order a speciality salad my thoughts are, "I can so re-create this." For the a fraction of the price. So I'm with ya on eating better at home. And fruit in my salad, the best. Happy your vacation was a success and everyone survived as a family of four. But, it is always great to be back home..

  7. Three is the best age!! :)

    I always look forward to outlet shopping each year! They have so many stores that I don't have anywhere remotely close to me, so I stock up! I'm definitely going to look into getting a pair of those earrings because they are awesome.

    And I love love love your hair curly like that. Gorgeous!

  8. That is SO fun to see former students!! I totally have a similar hair routine as you. I usually wash every other day, but I can stretch it out to three days sometimes. Have a great weekend!


  9. So glad I found your blog, Whitney! Your family is so cute :) Hope you have a great weekend.

    Edye | Http://

  10. What a steal on those darling earrings! I love that you got to reconnect with your students - I am sure they were just as thrilled to see you again. Fletcher is so cute! I had to read that line about what size he's wearing twice, he's definitely healthy! Love it. :)

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  11. I get really excited thinking about my daughter being old enough to say funny things and be my friend :) that is super cute.

  12. Three was probably my favorite age too. They are so funny and cute and it is so easy to let them get away with EVERYTHING, lol.

    I need to take some salad making lessons from you friend. Yours always look SO good.

  13. So many great things in this post! So sweet that you were able to see some previous students. You must have really meant something to them for them to take the time to look you up. You will cherish that picture always! Three is my favorite age also. Jack was such a difficult baby and then toddler and so I wasn't one to say time please slow down but more like I can survive this stage. We are finally in a sweet spot where life isn't so hard and a lot more funny.


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