Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday Talk: Furry Family

We have two furry family members at our house.  I grew up with cats and Kevin grew up with dogs.  We decided to adopt cats because I love them and they are pretty low maintenance pets.  Kevin would probably like a dog some time down the road so that gives me several years to warm up to the idea.  You know cats rule and dogs drool - haha :)

We have two boy cats - Oliver & Topher.  They are 8 & 7 and they both joined our family before we had kids when we lived in Utah.  Oliver is a brown tabby cat and and Topher is an orange tabby cat.  I'd always heard that orange cats were super sweet and I can now say that's really true.  Oliver is sweet to me, but not to many other people.  Topher loves on everyone.  They are BFFs and you can always find them snuggling together in the sunshine.  They both have gotten significantly less attention since our children jumped onto the scene, but we still love on them as much as possible.  

When Olive was born, they hid for a solid week and wanted nothing to do with any of us.  They eventually came around and would tolerate her.  Now they play with her, sleep in her bed and often initiate playing with her.  She's more gentle than she used to be and rarely tackles them.  She does pretend to be Doctor Olive and give them regular check ups.  They sniff Fletcher and are curious about him, but don't get very close.

I've been snapping funny pictures of them lately so I thought today would be a good time to share the furry faces that call our house a home.  Sincerely, Cat Lady Whitney

 They'd prefer that I hold them all day instead of babies.
That isn't very likely at this stage of life so they compromise
and will settle for sharing my lap or sitting at my feet..
When the kids go to bed at night both cats are eager for attention.
I think they have grown to love our kids,
but still dream of the days when they were our only kids.

Sharing is overrated - Topher.

What pets do you have??  How do they get along with the other people in your family?
Kevin calls the cats mine and says they love me the most.
It's true :)

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  1. We have one cat, Rudy, who is pretty much the laziest cat of all time. All he does he sleep.

  2. My kitty farm is down to the momma cat (Edy), the rambunctious teen-kitty (Cubby), and 2 playful 8 week old infants (un-named as of yet). The kids dish out hard love and the cats seem to tolerate it! Thank goodness!

  3. Sweet kitties! I grew up with a cat and he was the best cat ever. Yours seem so sweet too. If I knew I would get a good one I'd be half tempted to get one for the girls. We could use a furry friend around here.

  4. This is my second pet post from Tuesday Talk this morning I've read and I love how much these babies bring to our lives and our kiddos. I use to have cats when single and they helped the maternal need I had at the time. Now I'm a dog lover and wouldn't have it any other way.

  5. Aww, loved these pics so much!! In all my days I've never known snuggly cats. I have high hopes for Chip though!

  6. From one crazy cat lady to another, I love this post!! :) I definitely agree that tabby cats are so sweet - Peggy is the sweetest cat I've ever owned. We had a black and white cat when I was in high school that runs a close second in sweetness (she always came and snuggled with us if we were sad or crying). Peggy loved to be carried around and snuggled when she was a baby, but now she isn't crazy about being held. Often in the afternoon she'll cry her head off until I sit down and let her take a nap in my lap. How sweet is that? :) I love these pictures of your boys - it's so cute that they still snuggle with each other!!

    Whitney Come Home For Comfort

  7. I love cats and that first picture of the two of them together is priceless! So fun!

  8. The cat pictures were cracking me up because all I could think about is funny cat captions. I just love animals but since I grew up with dogs then I have only ever had dogs. My parents have a dog Lilly that was suppose to have been my sisters dog but it became my dad's dog because it was my dad who always fed it the good stuff.

  9. Aww, Oliver and Topher are adorable. They look so sweet and cuddly :) I have a dog and I think she can relate to missing being the only baby. She seems to tolerate our toddler, but she's still a little unsure about what this whole "having a kid" thing is about.
    Shea | www.shealennon.com

  10. Awww, your cats are adorable. I have an 8 month old cat named Misty that I love having as a pet.

  11. You have such sweet cats! I'm a true cat lady too!! Right now we have our almost 16 year old tuxedo cat named "Gracie." She is our fur baby! Enjoyed visiting your blog!

  12. Purrburger and Bagel Bites agree that cats rule!


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