Monday, June 20, 2016

The FUN One

It's no secret that Kevin is The FUN One in our family.

The kids are crying.
He cracks jokes and does goofy things to make everyone laugh.

We're having a hard day and nothing is going the way I'd planned.
He brings home take out for dinner.

It's bed time and Olive is protesting.
He lets her chase him and then flies her around the house like an airplane.

He says yes to Olive's millionth request for just one more time when I'd say no.

He shares his snacks and sings silly songs.

He buys a DVD player for a long drive because he knows Olive will love it.
He was right and it made our drive doable.

He is the driver for all of our adventures and is happy to stop whenever someone needs to.

He's more patient and inclusive when Olive wants to help him do something.
I'm taking notes on this one.

I'm tired from being up off and on all night.
He tells me to go and take a nap.

He brings home special surprises for each of us.
Giant chocolate santas for Olive.
Notre Dame plates for our tailgating party for me.

He gets each of us.  He knows what we love and knows how to make us all smile.

He's a keeper and I'm thankful to be the other half of his parenting team.  He's taught me to slow down and talk things through with Olive and that compromising is key in any relationship.  I'm certain he compromises more than I do, but I'm making progress in that department.

We had a fun Father's Day weekend.

We worked hard to DIY a little Father's Day craft for him.
Foot printing two kids was no easy task,
but it was all worth it to show Kevin that we're his #1 fans.
Football is his favorite so he loved these little football foot prints.

We made plans to go to a delicious brunch at our country club.  The food never disappoints and it was a fun way to spend our morning.  We loved celebrating his first Father's day as a father of TWO.

 We got take out, grilled out and worked on the house. 
The fun one authorized a pre dinner mud bath.

We watched basketball, ate his favorite treat of brownies and enjoyed the day together!!
Our first Father's Day as a family of four was a success.

PS I also wanted to wish my own Dad a really Happy Father's Day!!
This guy has been going out of his way and doing thoughtful things for me for 34 years.  He's always available to help, says yes to me when it would be easier to say no and is the driving force behind every home improvement project we've tackled at our new house.  He's got great ideas, works harder than anyone I know and is the best dad a girl could ask for.  So thankful for him!!


  1. What amazing father Kevin is! Sounds like everybody needs a guy like him in their life!!! I am thinking you need to rent him out at bedtime...I could use someone to come fly kids around like airplanes when they get out of bed! Ha! Have a great day friend!!

  2. Such a sweet post Whitney Kevin seems like a super caring guy and a great dad. I love that he is so patient too. I need to take some notes in that department, especially on a Monday morning.

  3. Such a sweet post! My husband is definitely the "fun" one too! haha

  4. Happy Father's Day! I love that card you made, just the sweetest.

  5. He reminds me so much of Jim. We definitely lucked out in the fantastic husband and father department!!

    I love that last picture of your Dad and Fletcher too. Absolutely precious.

  6. Oh my gracious those football prints are too dang cute. I'm stealing that for grandparents day. Y'all are so lucky to have Kevin in your lives. I hope he feels how much he is appreciated. Happy Father's Day Kevin!

  7. Sounds like you've got a keeper. That footprint craft is adorable.


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