Friday, June 3, 2016

Me Too

Did you happen to see Meghan Trainor on Jimmy Fallon a few weeks ago?

She looked lovely as ever, gave a great performance
and then took a fall as she was wrapping up her performance.

It was awkward, looked slightly painful and then she gracefully laughed it off.  Jimmy was funny, laid on the floor with her and then helped her up.  I felt bad for her, but she seemed mostly unphased by it.  I'm sure that kind of stuff happens all the time - right?

I get embarrassed easily.  Hate to mess up publicly and prefer to look like I have my stuff together all the time.  I overthink things, over plan things and over do things all in the name of getting it right the first time.  I take calculated risks when the odds are in my favor and am hard on myself when I make a mistake.  My type A personality is a lot to deal with some days... just ask my husband :)  It's not very realistic to think that I'm always going to have it together and I really should take a chill pill in a lot of areas.  I'm working on it and am making progress.

So when I saw Meghan Trainor bite it on stage my heart sank for her.
I wished it didn't happen and knew it would be replayed over and over again.
Poor Meghan.

A few days later I saw this article on msn

It address a photo shop faux pas and her performance on Jimmy Fallon.
Click over and read what she had to say -
she talks about photo shop, spanx and her fall.

I was shocked to hear that she had the opportunity to redo the performance and edit out her fall.  She opted NOT to edit out her embarrassing moment and instead just laugh at herself.  I was surprised and loved her reasoning behind it.  I don't know a ton about Ms. Trainor other than that she has catchy songs, pretty makeup and a sassy personality.  I like her a little more now that I've seen her confidence come through and the fact that she's is so real.  We all make mistakes and fall down and she's fine with the world knowing about it.  

I love that!  Relax and be real :)


  1. Whitney- you're amazing and I LOVE this post!!! I definitely used to be a lot more tightly wound...and sometimes I still am...but I am realizing where my strengths are and what I am not so gifted at and everything in between. And realizing it is ALL GOOD :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Something about Motherhood and even marriage, has made me fall and just dust it off from time to time. I am very much a OCD, planner and sometimes it goes my way and other times, it's anything but. I love Meghan and her new CD is super fun. You should listen to it. It makes you wanna break out in dance which is perfect for when you are feeling more Type A then normal.

  3. I live in a bubble rarely watching any kind of news so I didn't know anything about this. But I am totally with you, I love it. So often we all want to appear flawless only showing ourselves at our finest and this is such a great example of someone being real.

  4. I'm like you Whitney and believe you me, if gets on my own nerves. I HATE feeling the center of anything so a fall would just send me over the edge. Good for her! I wish I could be more like that. Even if I were to just laugh it off, on the inside I would be beating myself up. I can sit here and recount almost every incident where I've said something dumb or made myself stand out in a not so positive way. I wish I was better at just letting it go but I'm not. This just makes me love Megan Trainor even more. I'm loving her song "I Love Me" right now while at the gym.

  5. I didn't know about this and will read the article you linked to. Poor girl! It sounds like she handled it with grace. I could take a chill pill too, ha ha. Although as a mom/wife running a household, I think there does have to be a touch of type A, don't, you? 😝 You and Kevin are the perfect combination of personalities. :)

  6. You and I are so alike! I am so hard on myself when I make a mistake... I cried at Christmas because we drove 2 hours to my parent's house and I forgot to pack their presents from us. They didn't care but I couldn't get over it and felt like Christmas was ruined. If I'm not planned, and one step ahead of the situation, I feel like I failed. I love that you posted about this, I think a lot of us struggle with this and it's nice to know we aren't alone.

  7. I love when celebs get real. What a good message to pass along to us all!

  8. YES! I'm a fan and thought that was all pretty awesome of her. How much better off we would ALL be if we could just laugh at ourselves!


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