Friday, March 28, 2014

Would You Rather...

Would you rather...
climb a tree or have a tree climb you?
have red hair or yellow hair?
eat ice cream for every meal or cake?
drive a school bus or fly an airplane?
play in the rain or in the snow?
wear a dress or a skirt?
paint your toe nails or paint your face?
get a shot or go to the dentist?
go to time out or be grounded?
eat a vitamin or a tomato?
eat a candy bar or a hot dog?
play basketball or ice skate?
jump in the creek or run through the forest?
play in the sand or collect rocks?
go to school or go to church?
watch a movie or go outside and play?

I played this silly game with some little girls last week
and it was SO MUCH FUN!!
You can play it with ANYone ANYtime 
just make some adjustments to the questions.
My husband and I end up playing this funny game on most of our road trips.

The weather was perfect and we spent the afternoon at a local park.
We were all giggling and laughing at our answers.
They got the hang of it pretty quickly and started firing back their own would you rather statements.
Enjoy this easy, free, fun game!!


  1. So fun! (: Love the snapshot of you and Olive! Hope you girls have a lovely weekend!!

  2. Sounds like a fun game! and your pictures are adorable!

  3. Oh this game brings back so many memories! Hope you're having a wonderful Friday! :)

  4. What fun! This sounds like the perfect game to play while waiting in line or in the car! Even for adults! ;)


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