Friday, March 7, 2014

Kids Clothes Can Break the Bank!

Baby clothes are pricey and can easily add up to a large sum of money.  Since I'm new to this whole shopping for kid clothes role, I need your help!! 

I was lucky to have such generous family and friends gift me lots of baby clothes at my baby showers.  I strategically organized and exchanged outfits so that Olive would have clothes for her entire first year of life.  We ended up with lots of 0-6 month clothes and I knew she wouldn't need that many.  I'm SO HAPPY that I exchanged things as soon as I got them so that I could stretch out her wardrobe for the whole year.  I'd HIGHLY recommend this strategy for other new moms-to-be!!

Fast forward to Olive outgrowing clothes right and left and we are quickly approaching the end of our clothing stash.  She's got lots of summery outfits but I'm starting to think ahead for late summer and fall.
I have gotten clothes for Olive as hand me downs from cousins, by using gift cards, shopping on-line sales and shopping off season clearance at Target.  My latest big find was hoodies at Target for $3.60!!!  They were really cute and I ended up buying Olive the next three sizes to grow into!!  I'd been shopping for springy jackets and most that I found were around $20-$30 so I was thrilled to find these.
  I'd LOVE to know where you buy clothes for your own kids, nieces/nephews, grandkids and where you find your great deals!!  I also would like any tips on finding great deals on pajamas because they can be expensive!!  Olive thanks you in advance for your advice :)


  1. Those jackets are so cute! Thankfully Amelia doesn't grow too incredibly fast, and never really has. She gets tall, but stays thin (which is a pain when buying jeans). I buy her a lot of leggings because once she gets taller they still look cute if they hit just above her ankle or mid-calf. If you aren't already doing this, you can always search online for promo codes. I just Google "Gap (or whatever store) Promo codes" and a few sites come up that give you the coupon codes. I tend to shop a season, or even a year ahead. When the transition from winter to spring happens and they have a massive clearance sale, I pick up items for the next year. Even if it is just the basics, it helps. I always try to buy turtlenecks, leggings, long sleeve shirts and tights ahead. If you sew, or know someone who sews, you can have them make pj bottoms and then just pair it with a coordinating tshirt. I always buy white shirts on sale for Amelia and then just make her pajama pants. It's a steal when I can get flannel for $2-3/yard and it takes less than that to make kid pj bottoms. Also, if you have a cute dress that still fits at the end of summer, throw a long sleeved coordinating shirt under it and a pair of tights... and you've got a fall outfit. I tend to shop Old Navy, Gap, Target, WalMart (for basics like solid tanks or shirts) and H&M. My splurge shops are Janie & Jack, Nordstrom and Chasing Fireflies.

  2. Those jackets are so cute and what a great deal!

    My daughters pjs all came from the thrift shop - $1.50 for fleece footie pjs. When I buy new I prefer to get the cotton 2-piece Gymboree pajamas but I usually wait for a $10 pj sale. Curious to know what you find!

  3. I know my sister will buy things the next size up when that season is over. Like she'll start buying winter clothes for next year for my niece. Then she doesn't spend so much. She goes to Kohl's a lot, sometimes Target. Hope that helps. Also, yard sales are a big hit.

  4. I know it won't fly as well when Clay gets older, but if family or friends ask what Clay wants for his birthday or Christmas, I normally request clothes and let them know what sizes/seasons he needs. I also check the Target clearance rack almost everytime I go and look for bigger sizes. You can also use Cartwheel coupons on the clearance stuff!

  5. I buy and sell my kids clothes online. I usually sell their outgrown clothes so I can buy the next size up and avoid piling up those clothes in our attic.


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