Friday, March 21, 2014

High Five for Friday!!

We had a great week at our house!!
Here were the best parts:

1. We got to celebrate Olive's 1st St. Patrick's Day!
She was all decked out in green.
She loved it... well most of it :) hahaha

2. The weather in Arkansas has been perfect this week! 
We got to go on walks and hang out at the park several times.

3. I found a new brand of nail polish that I love...
Fergie by Wet n Wild
My favorite thing is that the glitter is smooth!
It's chunky and has a variety of sizes of GOLD glitter and the neon is great.
Oh and they were less than $4 each.

 4. Our really good friends from Iowa came to spend their spring break with us this week!  We've loved showing them around Little Rock and have had so much fun with them.  Their girls are growing up so fast and we just enjoyed spending time together.  We were pretty much inseperable for the majority of the time we lived in Utah so it was nice to be reunited.  We are lucky to have friends that are more like family to us.

5. We got to go to the zoo this week.  Olive was 2 months old the last time we took her so it was fun to see how much more she enjoyed it this time around.  She loved seeing all of the people and animals and the weather was perfect!!
 We loved the monkeys, 4 tiger cubs, penguins and giraffe.

Thanks for stopping by!!  Hope you have a great weekend!!


  1. Happy Friday, Whitney! Sounds like it's been a beautiful week! :) Glad you enjoyed gorgeous weather, and time with friends from Iowa (YAY! I'm from Iowa. ;)) Thanks for mentioning the polish -- I will be on the lookout for that! Sounds/looks fab! :) Have a terrific first weekend of Spring! xo

  2. Those tiny green sunglasses are precious! =)


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