Thursday, March 20, 2014

Favorite Bloggers {who just happen to be MOMS}

I don't love the term Mommy Bloggers.  I guess I don't love the idea of forcing talented ladies to be specialists in just ONE genre.  I prefer to think of these ladies as my favorite bloggers who just happen to be moms :)  All of these women are amazingly talented, have wonderful qualities that make them unique, hobbies and careers and are really entertaining writers.  They are honest, inspirational and motivating to me.  I could probably write paragraphs about why I appreciate each one of these bloggers, but I'll just say a tiny blurb about each one.

Lindsay is a super talented DIYer who inspires ladies to put together cute outfits each week

Emily is a city girl who is guaranteed to make you smile, loves her family and has a great career.
Definitely an inspiring working mom!

always smiling Christina is just starting her journey as a mom 
and loves to share recipes and DIYs

hilarious Marion writes posts that are guaranteed to make you laugh, inspire your fashion choices and has an adorable little boy

Melissa is a few years ahead of me in the mom journey and I love reading her perspective on raising kiddos, having two children, balancing work life and home life and seeing her style.

Arkansas Kelly writes a blog that oozes Jesus, love, friendship, kindness and little girls.  She's funny, thoughtful and you'll find yourself wishing you were her friend in real life.  It would be my dream come true to run into her while strolling around the streets of Arkansas.

Stephanie is a Utah based mom who survived an airplane crash along with her husband.  She's honest, tender hearted and thoroughly enjoys being a mom.  She's such an inspiration!!  Her fashion choices for her self, her home and her family are stunning!!

Katie is a new mom, teacher and DIYer.  She has a baby girl who's just a few weeks younger than Olive so I love reading about her real life joys and struggles of motherhood.  She puts together outfits, writes letters to her daughter and is always genuine.

I read a lot of blogs and would love to hear your favorites.  Leave me a comment with a link to your blog and share your favorite blogs with me!!

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