Friday, March 14, 2014

Worth Reading

Some of the best things I've read on-line lately:

A fascinating article on what your breakouts mean

Healthy Chocolate Shake Recipe

We all have a desire to be known.

Change up your tired jewelry with spray paint.

Things stay at home moms want to tell you about themselves.

They are watching YOU.

 Oh Snap Treats calling my name.

35 TV Shows on Netflix that are worth watching.
I'm currently watching Grey's Anatomy - how did I miss this when it came out??

Bringing up a gentleman.

Pom-Pom week

Who is Coming Behind You?

I've unsuccessfully attempted to make key lime pies many times but this recipe seems promising.  Good color and it looks like it has the right authentic texture.

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  1. Oooh checking out the Netflix article now! We just finished watching Breaking Bad so we need a new show to binge watch! :)


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