Friday, April 19, 2019

The Highlights: Yoga, Sunshine & Trees

Happy Friday!!  I hope you had a wonderful week.  It was a good one for us.  Let me tell you all about it - we tried some new things, enjoyed some gorgeous weather, volunteered at church, ate lunch at the airport and planted a tree!

1. Family Yoga
My friend was teaching a new family yoga class this Spring so I signed us up to go.  Olive LOVES yoga and this was the first time it was for the whole family.  She's done several kid yoga classes before.  It was really fun.  We all enjoyed ourselves.  It felt so good to stretch and learn something new together.  We'll definitely go back. 

2. Family In Town
We had Kevin's mom and brother come in town for the day and had a nice time with them.  We worked on some yard projects together.  Kyle played some more tennis with Olive.  We had some great meals and I made them my go to/everyone loves these treats: Rice Krispie treats and Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Can't beat that combo!

3. Sunday Best
We headed off to church Sunday morning and it was FREEZING.  We dressed in Spring colors, but it did not feel like Spring.  I love this new daisy print dress on Olive.

4. Mom's Night Out
I planned a really fun MNO for one of my mom's groups!  We shopped at Old Navy.  My friend is the manager at Old Navy so she kept the store open late for us.  It felt very fun/exclusive to be the only ones shopping and trying on clothes - ha!  We all found some fun stuff and then headed out to dinner afterwards.  I also found some great deals!

5. Easter Fun
We dyed eggs, made Easter cookies, delivered cookies to neighbors, Olive had an egg hunt at school and we've got a fun Easter weekend ahead.  I just love the holidays with kids!

I was really happy with how my sugar cookies turned out this year!  They were so cute and delicious!  We gave a lot away, but kept a plate to enjoy.

6. We Planted A Tree
I've loved Magnolia trees for a long time.  They were everywhere when we lived in Mississippi.  We picked out a yellow Magnolia for our yard and it looks great.  I can't wait to watch it grow.  You better believe we'll be taking a yearly picture with the tree to watch the kids and tree grow.
 The kids also discovered they could climb our cherry tree.

7. TONS of Playing Outside
We play outside after school.  We've been going on walks, enjoying watching all of our flowers come up and visiting playground around our city.  We met friends at a couple different parks this week.

8. Dentist Appointments
Both kids had good dentist appointments this week.  They have a new dentist and he's so nice.  His grandparents live next door to us and so we get to see him regularly.  The perks of small town living :)

9. Easy Lunch
This fried egg combo has been on repeat for an easy lunch.
2-3 eggs
1 green onion
1/2-1 avocado
Montreal Steak Seasoning

It's so good!  I cook the eggs while I'm making Fletcher's lunch and it's ready to eat when I'm done.

10. Uniform
If your son or daughter is interested in policemen, firemen, chefs, construction workers, etc.  Buy them the Melissa and Doug costume uniform!  They'll be in heaven.  Fletcher wears this policeman uniform 24/7.  He'd definitely sleep in it if I'd let him.  It came with all the accessories and is really well made.

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  1. Yoga and Old Navy. 2 of my FAVORITES!

  2. What a great week friend!! LOVE that ya'll did family yoga together!!! And I can't wait to see the blooms on your magnolia tree next year!! Hope you have a beautiful Easter weekend with your precious family friend!

  3. Sounds like such a fun week! Love your Old Navy shopping party - that's a great idea! Happy Easter to the Jordans! <3

  4. The weather was so nice for a few days this week. Hopefully we'll get some more sunshine soon. I love that Old Navy store! I feel like there is more room there since it's not in a mall. I've got some Supercash from there coming up soon. I've got shorts for me on there; I know I will be needing them soon! Have a great weekend!

  5. Happy Friday, Whitney! I love your new tree - I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a yellow magnolia. I’ll be looking that up stat :) I’m still so inspired by your sugar cookies!!! They are adorable ❤️

  6. My boys and I tried out a family yoga class a few year ago and while they kept rolling their eyes we all did think it was a lot of fun. Those sugar cookies look fantastic (and I don't even like sugar cookies).

  7. Enjoyed your blog today..Especially loved the picture of Olive and Fletcher in the tree..

  8. Old Navy is the best for deals. Some of their things can be low-quality, but I find myself ordering the same things over and over again because I love them.

  9. Will there be a post on your Old Navy finds? Hint, hint.


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