Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Easy Easter Food

Happy Easter week!

I've been busy coming up with ideas for EASY Easter food to share with you.  Life seems busy these days so I figured we could all use some simple Easter food ideas to do this week.

Egg Carton Meal
Serve your kids an Easter themed meal in an egg carton.  My kids love it no matter what I fill it with.  I added a few Easter touches with jelly beans, Bunny Reese Puffs and bunny tooth picks.

Easter Packed Lunch
I added in some Easter tooth picks and Easter egg chocolates for another Easy meal.  I also included crunchy Easter veggies because that's what bunnies (and Olive) love :)

Easter Shaped Food
My kids love when I cut their bread.cheese into shapes.  I have a variety of cookie cutters - mini and regular size that work nicely for this.

Resurrection Rolls
I grew up eating these and we called them Magic Marshmallow Puffs.  They've become a popular Easter treat to help illustrate the story of Jesus's death and resurrection.  It's a really kid friendly recipe to make with your favorite little people.

Here's my recipe

Easter Dinner
We loved this menu so much that we're eating again this year.  I think I'm most excited about the deviled eggs.

Let me tell you my secrets to make this an EASY meal:
Fresh fruit
BOX of mac and cheese
Frozen green beans + bacon
PREMADE mashed potatoes
PRECOOKED & SLICED ham (I just fry it to heat it up)
Homemade deviled eggs
Homemade dessert

Notice there's a lot more premade/box/precooked items than homemade??  I stick to making my favorites and then take shortcuts other places.  This strategy works great when you're the only cook for a holiday and you still want to enjoy the day with your family.

I'm going to serve as many meals as possible on these paper Easter plates this week.  They're from Sams and they're my favorite!!  Also, having less dishes to do is my favorite.

I'd love to sneak in an Easter art project with the kids, too!  This bunny foot and finger print art was a favorite from right before Fletcher was born.

Are you hosting Easter gatherings this year?  Bringing something to share??  I'd love to know what you'll be making this week.


  1. How do you do the frozen green beans and bacon? Cook them separately and then mix it do you cook the thawed green beans with the bacon??? Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. We've been eating "egg carton" dinners each night. James is out of town so I have been making dinner more kid friendly. Connor has loved every bit of it :)

  3. We're hosting this weekend and I'm having a nice mix of boxed and premade AND disposable plates for sure!


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