Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Unexpected Aldi Haul

I had a different post planned for today, but I got excited about my Aldi haul yesterday and had to share it right away :)  About a year ago I started shopping at Aldi regularly thanks to my sweet friends reminding me over and over again how wonderful it really is.  Thanks Justine and Whitney

Do you have an Aldi in your area?  We have a brand new one (biggest in the Midwest) and another being built on another side of town.  I waited for the new store opening chaos to die down and went to stock up on our favorites.  I couldn't believe how BRIGHT, COLORFUL and WONDERFUL the store looked.  Fletcher and I had the best time checking out the new location.

I found some AMAZING deals on some really unexpected things. 

Every Aldi seems to have a different selection and their aisles of non grocery items are always stocked with the most random things.  You really NEVER know what you are going to find on a great deal there so keep your eyes peeled.  I really had no intention of buying a swim suit or outdoor chairs at Aldi.
I've been wanting a set of chairs for our patio for months.  I wanted to spend under $100 for a bench or chairs and a table.  I haven't found anything I loved until this trip to Aldi.  They had a stack of these metal Slat Back Chairs on clearance for $13.99!!!

I got one down and tried it out in the store.  It was comfy so I picked up two of them.  We had this giant log in the garage from a tree that we had cut down.  It made the perfect side table.  Total project done for under $30!!  

Whole Grain Granola (our favorite) $1.99
Apple Peach pouches $1.69 (our favorite)
Freeze dried pears $2.99 (good flavor, but odd texture.  Prob won't buy again)

Fit and Active vanilla yogurt $1.89 (New to us)
Fudge Mint Cookies $0.95 (Delicious knock off girl scout cookies)
Cheeses were $1.69 and $1.79
Olives $1.19
Our favorite tortilla chips $0.89
Knock off Ritz $1.39

Amazing diapers!!  You just cannot beat this diaper deal.  They work great and save you so much money.  They do run a little small so you may need to size up for your kiddo. $10.89/box.  Total mom brain moment... I went to Aldi FOR DIAPERS.  I walked out of Aldi without diapers.  Thankfully I realized my mistake and made a second trip in the store.  This is why I always shop with a list.  My brain cannot be trusted to remember all the things :)

These PB crackers are a favorite, too.  They're $2.29 a box and Fletcher broke into them before I could even take a picture.  They are tasty :)

I've loved these String of Pearl succulents for a long time.  I have not been able to find one locally until now.  Aldi had a whole display of tiny succulent plants for $1.99 each.  I bought three of these and potted them when I got home.  LOVE them!

I was not looking for a swim suit for Fletcher this trip.  Then, I spotted this shark suit combo with the rash guard and trunks for just $7.99 and couldn't pass it up.  They seemed to run big so I sized down for him.  My store had several designs for boys and for girls.

Back to the outdoor chairs.  We love them!  They're comfy and look great on our patio.  Here's Fletcher giving them a "thumbs up" and I included pictures of the tag if you're interested in more details.

See what I mean?!?  Such a fun assortment of things that you might never expect to buy at Aldi.

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  1. I love your chairs and log table! I am about to redo my front porch...I guess I need to check out my local Aldi! Thanks for sharing.


  2. AAAAHH!!! So many great finds at Aldi!! I LOVE your new chairs!! Our Aldi also has those adorable swimsuit/rash guard combos and they are just SO cute!! We have used Aldi diapers since we quit cloth diapering almost 4 years ago and I totally think they are the BEST! Just packed James some of those little peanut butter crackers for his snack today!! It's SO much fun you have that new HUGE Aldi in your town!!

  3. Love your chairs. So awesome.
    I love those string of pearls. :)

  4. Great finds! I really need to check out my Aldi. They recently remodeled, so I bet the shopping experience has improved.

  5. Awesome finds. I wish we had an Aldi closer than an hour, but I may just have to start making trips to explore!

  6. Woah! What a fun haul! You're exactly right about their non-food aisles being so varied and random. I noticed a $20 rectangular pool at my Aldi that looked like a great deal - if I had little ones at my house I would have definitely picked it up. I think you recommended their frozen fruit pops in one of your posts, and I've been obsessed with those so far this summer! I'm so glad you have a nice new Aldi to enjoy!

  7. They do have the coolest things in the non-grocery area. We have gotten a bike helmet there randomly. A new one is being built literally 5 minutes from my house, I can't wait. They have awesome guacamole and salad mixes I love! Someone just recommended their sparkling water too!

  8. I just picked up the table that matches those chairs for $24! I love Aldi!

  9. I love Aldi because there are always new treasures to be found. Also, I love that they're reasonably priced.

  10. I love Aldi! We do most of our shopping there each week and I love all the random things you can find there! Nice chairs! Trish-

  11. These chairs are awesome - I cannot believe the price on them!

  12. Aldi is seriously THE best!! I just did a Aldi grocery haul video last week, too! haha. The best prices and GOOD stuff! I am LOVING those chairs!!


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