Friday, June 22, 2018

June Joy

June has been a mostly fun month for our family.  We've packed in lots of activities and enjoyed pretty nice weather.  Minus the week that Fletcher was sick.  Summer has been a fun one so far.  We are going on vacation next week which means I'm taking a blog-cation, too!  It'll be quiet here next week, but you can always keep up with me over on instagram @polkadottyplace.  I'll be back here in July!

It was really easy to round up the joyful June moments today:

Our country club's member-guest golf tournament was last weekend.  Kevin signed up with his Dad and they had the best time.  There were events for the guys, events for the wives/kids and it was really fun.  We squeezed in two dressed up date nights for the fancy dinners.  Both guys played as well as they could have hoped and had a blast.  Kevin's parents were in town for four days.  His mom and I got some yard work done while the boys golfed.  Great time for everyone!

 The food was definitely a highlight!  I've got to recreate that pesto steak skewer!!

The Champions dinner was such a fun way to wrap up the tournament.  They had raffles, drinks, games and it was fun to catch up with friends.

Favors for the husbands and the wives.

The menu for the night was amazing!  I gave Kevin my shrimp, but enjoyed everything else.

Kevin's dad won an award for closest to the pin one the last day.  He was THRILLED and jokingly called it the greatest achievement of his life. 

We had a low key Father's Day filled with all of Kevin's favorite things.

Loving the way our front porch looks this time of year.  My sweet potato vines are doing so well!

We've been having lots of driveway races this month.  Olive is really fast.  Fletcher can't pedal yet so he just yells for someone to push him really fast.

Olive only wants to wear dresses.  They are her #1 favorite thing.  Sams has the cutest two packs of dresses for $10.98 right now.  They've got ruffles, pom poms and come in really cute prints.  You really can't beat those prices.

Fletcher was so sad and so sick for one week.  We were all so happy when he started talking, smiling and eating again.

My mother in law and I worked our tails off spreading a truck load of mulch in the backyard.  Everything looks so nice now!  I'll have to take some pictures to give you a tour.

Olive got invited to go to vacation Bible school with a friend and had the best time!  I was proud of her for trying something new and loving it.  The highlight for her was all the new songs and the theme of Jesus rescues.  She'd come home every day with a new way that Jesus could rescue you with a matching "Bible berse".  She will happily tell you that Jesus rescues you when you're lonely, worried or when you're struggling.  We bought the soundtrack and will be jamming out to it all Summer long.

Hope you have a great weekend!!  We're supposed to get a lot of rain so we'll just have to wait and see what fun plans we can come up with for our family.

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  1. You have had a wonderful June so far!! Hopefully vacation continues the theme!

  2. What a wonderful start to summer! So much family fun, deliciousness, and memories being made! Love your front porch too! So cute! Wishing you and your cute family a great weekend ahead!

  3. We were helpers at that same VBS. Love it! So glad F is doing better - that’s NO fun! He looks so much like you in the selfie of the two of you. Can’t wait to have a garden tour!

  4. Looks like that you had an all-around wonderful time. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Happy to hear that Fletcher is feeling better. Summer colds are the worst! And I need to skip over to Sams and check those dresses. My daughter has been asking for more dresses to be added to her wardrobe lately.

  6. I always love looking at all of your sweet pictures :)

  7. I'm so glad Fletcher is feeling better! It looks like June has been super fun for y'all. We have done similar activities and it has been great. Enjoy your beach vacation. I know vacation with young kids isn't really much of a vacation but maybe y'all can get some quiet time. Have a great time!

  8. We are doing the same theme for our VBS in July :). Sounds like a productive and fun June for sure :) Hope you enjoy vacation!


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