Wednesday, November 22, 2017

On My Holiday Radar

I've been gathering things for the holidays a little at a time so that I'm prepared when the actual holiday rolls around.  We're up to our eyeballs in pie making today.  Anyone else bringing dessert to their Thanksgiving gatherings??

I wanted to share some things that are on my radar right now to give you some holiday inspiration.

I really liked this wreath from TJ Maxx.  It was priced pretty well at $19.99, but I'm hoping to replicate it for much cheaper.  So I snapped a picture of it instead of buying it.  I'll keep you posted on this DIY project.

My house is still decked out in pumpkins and turkeys, but our beds are ready for Christmas!!  I got some cozy flannel sheets for everyone this year.  I surprised everyone by swapping out their sheets during the day.  It's been a fun tradition to start this year.

Cranberry isn't one of my favorite flavors unless it's the holidays.  Then I'm all about the cranberry vinaigrette.  This delicious dressing is from Aldi and it's only available seasonally.  I'd highly recommend picking up this pretty dressing to add some pizzazz to your holiday salads.

Planners are EVERYWHERE right now!  It's definitely the time to buy them before they get really picked over.  These are my favorite blog planners and they're only $4.99.  I found my 2017 at Marshalls and my 2018 one at TJ Maxx.  They're beautiful and there are so many color, pattern and style options for under $10.

Opt for easy homemade treats vs spending HOURS in the kitchen.  Olive requested sugar cookies since they are her favorite.  Instead of spending 3+ hours rolling out, cutting shapes, icing cookies and decorating them with sprinkles.  I opted for super simple homemade cookies that took less than an hour to whip up.  She loved them just as much and I appreciated the simpler option.

Double Check the Price.  I saw this watch at Kohls on sale for $45.  It was regularly priced $49.99.  I LOVED it, but wasn't sold on the $45 price tag.  I snapped a picture of it in the store and then went home to shop Amazon.  I'm happy to report that I found it for $27 with a coupon offering an additional $3 off.  I ended up getting the exact same watch for $24 delivered to my door!  I also picked slow shipping on Amazon Prime and got a $1 credit to our account.  It pays to price check!!

We just got God Bless My Family by Hannah C Hall this week.  We are big fans of the God Bless My series and own several of the books.  My kids enjoyed this book filled with a variety of dogs and dog families.  It's the first book in the series with all of the animals being the same.  We usually enjoy the variety of animals so we missed that in this book.  The message was great, the family connections were great and it's a nice book to read around Thanksgiving.  My kids enjoyed the rhyme and repetition of the story.  The book also sparks nice conversations about families and things you appreciate about your own families.  I'd recommend this book, but there are others in the series that we have liked better.  *I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review of it.

What's on your holiday radar right now??


  1. Love the wreath! That would be a great one for winter as well as Christmas. It would be especially awesome to snag the pretties for this one at HL when they mark them SUPER cheap after Christmas! I really need to grab a new planner.

  2. That watch is just perfect for you!

  3. Flannel sheets are the bomb. Also, I tried a cranberry chutney on a fried chicken biscuit at Cracker Barrel. I'm normally not a big cranberry person either, but this was really good!


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